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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

There is No Set Formula ... Just be Patient!

I tested positive 2 days ago after a day 3 ET. The whole IVF process (my first one) has been a difficult one. First they found a fibroid for which I had a surgery done. By the time I reached my final scan which was 6 months later, my follicles had reduced from 10 to almost 2 - not sure stress drugs or just age (I'm 37). The drs managed to abstract two eggs and they both fertilized to healthy embryos to our relief. We decided to go for both to increase our chances in case this was my last chance. I had my transfer done under sedation as I am really stressed when having a smear done. I felt my body is more likely accept the embryo if I am relaxed. The sedation also meant I was rested before I went home. After reading several forums that too much bed rest is not good, I did general housework but stayed indoors. I did yoga breathing and refrained from showers for 5 days. I felt a small sacrifice was worth it. Just what made me feel comfortable. I felt no symptoms apart from heavy green discharge a few days later which must have been from the cable they inserted. And just a few days before my test my one boob started feeling sore and had sharp pains in my right pelvic. I did feel bloated with the drugs and tired towards the end. I decided to wait for the 2 weeks as false result can be very heart breaking. I am now patiently (!) waiting for my first scan to find out the clear results and will then tell family the news. It is very nail biting and I did not sleep the night before my test. Yes it will happen if its meant to BUT you must do the basics like drinking enough fluid, having enough fresh air, eating and sleeping enough and not over thinking about whats going to happen.


Very excited for you! Do they recommend not washing after IVF?

Me too. Nerves are starting to kick in. Got one week to go before my scan. Hot showers and heat producing food are not advisable after implant as you do not want to raise your basal temperature. I normally have very hot showers so I decided to just towel wash. Im still only do warm showers but hate them! Hope this helps.

Btw, the basal temp should be maintained throughtout first trimester as it can impact on the organ developing. This applies to both natural and ivf pregnancies.

I had my IVF #3. My IVF 1 was failure b/c I was overstimulated. IVF 2 ended up in miscarriage. It took 5 month to get back on track after ivf 2. Tomorrow I supposed to do my BEta, but I believe I will be negative... My breast are not enlarged, my mucus was white thick just 3 days ago, now I have brownish discharge that is really light.. i increased my progesterone from 1ml to 1.2ml, just in case..I had one frozen transfer before and I had same scenario -white mucus changing to cramping/brownish discharge, that is not implantation...With my 2 ivf I had white mucus discharge all the time before I had sudden abrupt bleeding ; I was told to increase progesterone IM and do not worry till Ultrasound. Day of Ultrasound I found out embryo was 6 weeks instead of 7..and HB 1/2 is supposed to going back to IVF 3-bleeding is not good in my body,however it will be confirmed tomorrow. I will try again and again, until they will tell me NO..

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