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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Thought I was out- still scratching my head

So, I found this board when I first started having symptoms and it helped tremendously... figured I would share my story! We weren’t supposed to be trying this month, so I didn’t track LH like I normally would so most is estimates. 4dpo: significant increase in thick white CM, noticed it on panties and had to change a couple times during the day- cervix high and soft 5dpo: increases CM continues, cervix low and medium firmness 6dpo: abdominal cramping, very unusual for me mid cycle followed by dull continuous backache. CM continues to be thick “school glue” but, less in abundance 7dpo: backache continues along with bloating, had weird metallic taste in mouth all morning (almost tasted like blood). Cervix is very high, couldn’t assess firmness. Cramping had subsided, had one drink and was drunk! 8dpo: CM is thin and white, less abundance but cervix is wet- faint positive this AM on Dollar tree cheapie!!! 9-13dpo: continue to test, all BFN. Start to think either had a false positive or was a chemical pregnancy. CM continues to be thin and white, cervix stays medium to high and medium to firm. Continue to have bloating, back pain, disturbed sleep, acne (write it off to AF approaching) 14-18dpo: still no AF, continued dull back ache, bloating, sensitive to smell, craving water (I HATE water) call midwife about possible chemical and being late for AF she says to give it a few more days. 19dpo: still no AF, decided this afternoon to take my last test because ya know, why not, just needed something to pee on- BFP on digital!!!! Still not understanding the positive the. BFNs until 11 days later, but I’ll take it! And will be back to update *babydust to you all*


Hi!!!! So exciting! I get the faint positive followed by negatives then my BFP way later. My doc said I could have caught it on implantation each time. It can cause a surge of HCG.

You can often tell if you’re pregnant by noticing at least one common symptom. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of pregnancy, you should take a home pregnancy test or visit your doctor to confirm the pregnancy. You’ll likely get accurate results from a pregnancy test one day after your first missed period. However, it’s best to wait at least a week after your missed period to be sure that you get the most accurate test results. Most manufacturers recommend that HPTs be taken twice, since results may vary if you take a test too soon after your first missed period. In some cases, your hCG levels are too low to catch early on. Applicators vary from brand to brand, but the tests are generally inexpensive. Pregnancy tests are accurate when they’re used correctly. It's possible to have a false negative, which happens when you’re pregnant but the test says you aren't. If you missed your period and it doesn’t arrive after a few days, repeat the test or check with your doctor. Shop for home pregnancy tests. You can get a clinical urine test at your doctor’s office. These tests aren’t necessarily more accurate than an HPT. However, your doctor may be able to help eliminate any possible errors that might affect the accuracy of the test. Depending on your health insurance plan, a clinical urine test may cost more than an HPT. Results of a clinical urine test can vary depending on the medical facility that you visit. However, you can usually expect your results within a week of taking the test.

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