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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Took a break from trying

I am so excited to finally post about my TWW before I got my BFP! This site helped me get through many TWW's! So Let's get to it!

The day the magic happened! We were taking a break from trying. A few months of not trying. He started to ejaculate in me but I got up before he ejaculated much. I then even took a shower to rinse it off! Not trying and all. The next day I felt ovulation cramping and started to wonder but still doubtful since that was the only time we did it in my fertile window. 10 other times I did EVERYTHING right and got BFN's! I was started to think it wasn't going to happen for us.

1-5DPO I felt slight cramping on and off. Not many symptoms other than that.
6-9DPO Still slight cramping that came and went at periods of times. (I did have cramping on and off before and got BFN's in pervious attempts) So I didn't think about it too much yet.
At 7DPO I drank some beers with my hubby. About four and a half. Sorry I know that's awful but I really wasn't trying at this time. Anyway I felt so bad the next day like I drank 20 or something ridiculous like that. I was miserable. I started to really questioned why it effected me so differently this time.
10DPO I had what looked like EWCM. I had slight cramps on and off. I really started to suspect that I was pregnant because I would normally dry up at this time.
11DPO I had watery CM. I was bloated. (I normally get bloated before AF) Boobs were a little sore. (my boobs actually get more sore at this time before my awful AF)
12DPO I had stretchy white CM I had a few cramps. I had a few pimples that isn't normal for me. Nauseous.
13DPO I noticed I wasn't my usual emotional self that I normally am the week before I start my period. Still symptoms from all of the above. I started to check my cervix position and it was low and hard. So I thought AF was on it's way. Creamy stretchy CM and Nauseous
14DPO I check cervix was softer but it felt like the hole was slightly open. From this point further cervix got hard again but higher. It was awfully confusing. With all of the above symptom applied. I also had stretchy almost greenish CM.
15DPO-18DPO Strange dreams but that's not so unusual for me. All of the above with back cramping and boogerie white CM. I also had strange feelings in my torso area and pinches in my pelvis area. Sharp flashes of pain in boobs. Very Bloated. But not much Nausea.
19 DPO I finally tested and got my BFP! I have the super intense sense of smell! Nipples a little sensitive and pinker instead of darker. Started getting emotional.

Checking my CM really helped me but checking my cervix only confused me! I hoped this helps someone! Good Luck!


This is a bucket of hope for me this cycle. thank you :)

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