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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Totally thought it was PMS! BFP CD28

SO I have been trying to get pregnant with my second for 7 months now. I have used this site to research and thought it would be good to share my story. I have a pretty regular 28-29 day cycle AND this was my first month using OPKs. I started using them CD9 and got my first positive on CD16 and then continued to get positives until CD21 (6 total positives) on CD22 they turned negative. (I was using the Target brand OPK that were cheap and come with like 30) Super confusing, but maybe there was something to it! Around CD23 I started having AF/PMS symptoms, and got discouraged, of course. My boobs were super sore, breaking out, tired, cramps JUST LIKE AF and super bloated....all of these symptoms continued, actually got worse...and then around CD26-27 my boobs weren't as sore but I was still cramping and bloated like crazy. Came home on CD28 and tested with First Response and after 3 minutes a super faint line popped up and I confirmed with a digital Clear Blue! SO for anyone out there who is losing hope because they feel like AF is coming, don't give up!!!



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