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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

TTC #2 and caught the first egg

My husband and I wanted to conceive #2 close to #1, but I still didn't have my cycle back and I didn't want to stop breastfeeding our son before bed just yet. Luckily I saw the signs and managed to catch the first egg only BDing once two days before O. The biggest difference between this pregnancy and my last was a ton of cramping during my tww and a lack of breast symptoms.

1 DPO - 3 DPO: Nothing really going on

4 DPO: Cervix high and centered (happened last pregnancy too, uterus is tipped so it tends to chill to one side, only time I consistently see it centered is when I'm pregnant). Vivid dreams. Back pain. Burning on right side of abdomen in evening.

5 DPO: Cervix still high, centered and firm. Pain in pubic bone like a lightning bolt in the morning. Light nausea in the evening.

6 DPO: Throat felt acidic on wakeup. Cervix very high, almost unreachable. Crazy weird dreams overnight.

7 DPO: Woke up to cramping at 2 am. Cramping in tops of legs as well. Cramping came in waves throughout the day, felt them in my cervix at one point. Waves of nausea throughout the day.

8 DPO: Stuffy nose when I wake up. Bloody tissue when I go to clear it. Had lots of those when I was pregnant last. Cramping stopped overnight but resumed in the morning. It was so bad during the afternoon I'm convinced AF is coming and put on a pad and go take a nap (NEVER nap). Cramping continued throughout evening.

9 DPO: Cramps vanish. Feel pretty great most of the day. Notice while we are out trick or treating with son #1, I can't pull my stomach in as tight as normal, like it's being blocked. Take a pregnancy test at home, negative, though I feeeeeel like I see something.

10 DPO: Wake up and go to take an FRER. Start making son breakfast and go back to check it and WOAH, BFP!!!!!! Send him up the stairs to show Daddy :) More waves of nausea throughout the day and hot flashes.

11 DPO: Nausea and cramping throughout the day

12 DPO: Woke at 2am completely soaked in sweat. Get up to change clothes. Bed is so wet it's disgusting.

13 DPO: Craving curry literally every day, maybe ate it once or twice before now. Eating it every other day since BFP.

I kept testing each morning to watch for darkening lines. No terrible nausea yet, but it didn't kick in full throttle until 6 weeks last time. This two week wait was so different from my last, anything that seems wildly off from normal could be a sign. Similarities between first and this time were crazy dreams and middle of the night wake ups.

Good luck ladies!!!

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