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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

ttc #2, negative at 10 dpo, BFP at 16 dpo

I read a lot of stories on this website before my first pregnancy and now I would like to share my story with #2. Maybe it will help somebody.
We were ttc-ing for 6 months with #1. This time it actually happened within first cycle we tried.
Things I did differently this time:
-I've been eating healthy plant based diet (vegan) for 4 months prior conception, (before I followed weston a.price diet, eating lot of veggies and meat once a week, because that's maximum I could. I am naturally more vegetarian. We didn't eat any processed food.)
-drinking a lot of red clover tea every day

With my first pregnancy I didn't get any symptoms during tww. Only clue was that I missed my period.
This time I experienced cramps almost every day since my ovulation day. Nothing serious, but I definitely felt them.
No unusual CM. One day I got EWCM, which was unusual for me after ovulation. CP since ovulation until now (17dpo)- low, firm, closed.
10 dpo-negative test
12 dpo-breast tingling (just like when you breastfeed)
13dpo- little amount of brownish CM when checked (would never know if I didn't check), I thought my period was coming
14dpo- tinted CM again
17dpo- I took a test since my period was due 2 days ago - BFP !!!

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