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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

TTC 8 years now 43

Been w hubby as bf gf 2001 never used protection w him. Got married 2010. No luck still no pregnancy maybe a chemical loss. Went to get help to Ttc starting 2012 for 8 years unexplained infertility with help from VA hospital 2012 thru 2017. First few years dr told me to count days and use timing methods for a few years and used fertilaid vitamins. Took multiple tests, spill test, ultra sound, etc hubby took sperm test. I Wasn't ovulating regularly said the docs. Took prenatal vitamins. Exercised 2 to 3 times a week. I Took clomid, practiced luck. Took metformin practiced timing...didn't work as well for me. Dr put me back on clomid. Says I ovulate w clomid. Went on maybe 4 times per year for years. Cried to get a specialist at 40 yrs old. Dr wanted a few more tests and clomid attempts. 2 yrs later of and off asked dr fir specialist. Then, Begged dr in tears explaining "hey I'm running out of time! Pls send me to specialist already!". Finally they Referred me to CA IVF feb 2018 at 42 yrs. Ca ivf ran tests found 2 polyps to the VA's denial that they would have ever been big enough to get in the way and that they were not as big as when the CAIVF dr found them. Operated surgery was actually 3 polyps. Removed. Waited 1 month. First iui failed. 3 month break btn until 2nd attempt both Using femara and hcg triggers. No luck. VA said No to invitro only Yes to iui due to PTSD but no damage to ovaries while serving my country. Difficult journey TTC years. A handful of chemical eggs lost. Many years disappoint lost hope prayers renewed hope roller coaster. June 2019 3rd attempt at iui 43yrs after waiting 4 mos due to my tears losing hope and needed a break. Tried using femara, didnt get follicles this time, and immediately given clomid 50mg 5 days, waited for dr to test follicles 5 days after. 3 on right and 1 on left. Did HCG trigger same night. Came back 36 hours later for iui procedure. Quick easy just like a pap as far as discomfort. Dr said can test 14dpo. I was impatient. I tested at 10dpo clear blue digital said not pregnant. Moody. Ovaries get off and on random light cramps mostly in AM noticed. 11dpo moody snapped at a stranger pops. Peeing more. Sporatic very light cramping somewhere on sides of uterus or maybe that's my ovaries? 12dpo first response faint positive. Really really moody. Favorite foods steak sushi taste bad. Water at restaurants taste bad to me like dirty water. Pee a lot. Woke up hungry. Irritated. 13 dpo spotted worried but tested more deeper line yet faint still positive on first response. Nipples starting to get sensitive to touch. Really moody. Sensitive to smells. Pee a lot. Wierd hunger streaks at random especially when I wake up. And very faint on generic test strip barely visible. Emotions out of wack crying at random. 14dpo first response a definite solid 2 lines visible. Generic test strip more apparent. Going to wait until 18dpo to test again. Hope this is going to be it finally and not a chemical .....!!! Prayers! So hopeful.


Oh very sensitive skin too. Break out in rashes easily.

So today is 18 dpo I think , at 15 dpo took hcg beta 195. Took another one today, but results will not be in until tomorrow. Mild cramping still. Very emotionally sensitive. Food cravings and aversions. Frequent urination. Boobs and nipples a little sore to touch.

I remember 13dpo I was very easily fatigued.

Wanted to mention. I was feeling like my prayers were being answered with all "no". I feel like I have been given a miracle.

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