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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

TTC Cylce 3, Baby #1, BFP!!!!

Hi ladies! I just recently found out I am pregnant and wanted to share my story! The past few months this website and others have really helped me through this whole process and I thought I should return the favor! :) Here are my symptoms and when I got my BFP by dpo (days past ovulation)

1-3 dpo: no symptoms
4 dpo: somewhat wet cm and sore nipples (which I've never had, so that was my first clue)
5 dpo: face broke out, kind of like a rash around my nose, again never had that before
6 dpo: yellow discharge (at first thought it was from prenatal vitamin but then read it could be a sign of pregnancy)
7 dpo: sore nipples, cm no longer yellow but clear/white and wet. Also went grocery shopping and could smell fish throughout the whole store, didn't think too much of it but again never had that happen before. At night my downstairs area was itching all night! It was only itchy that night, so I knew it couldn't be an infection.
8 dpo: vivid dreams, cm back to yellow. Still a little itchy but not bad. Also possible very light brown discharge in panty liner, possibly from implantation?
9 dpo: nipple and boobs are sore! Feeling emotional, but different feeling than pms? End of day, cm not as yellow as day before, more of a white/yellow
10 dpo: sore boobs, white/yellow cm. Felt dizzy and tired in the afternoon. Took a nap and felt exhausted when I woke up, I could barely move my body. Felt like I had taken Niquil, again never had that happen. That was my second clue. Husband and I BD and it was painful, I felt tight and it stung afterwards. Sorry tmi but also had some white milky discharge afterwards.
11 dpo: woke up with sore boobs and nipples. Twinge of pain on left side. Burpy in the morning. Walking down the street and talking to hubby, he asked me why I was so out of breath. That was my third clue I might be pregnant. Decided to take a one step pregnancy test while hubby was in the bedroom around 5:30 pm. Within 30 seconds I got my first ever BFP!!! I couldn't believe it! Told hubby, he couldn't believe it either. Decided to take another in the morning.
12 dpo: at 8 am using first morning urine, I used a FRER test and Clear Blue Digital both came back positive and according to the CB I'm 1-2 weeks prego! So excited!

I am so grateful to God for allowing a little miracle to come into our lives, we feel so blessed and we couldn't be happier! I hope this post helps you ladies!! And baby dust to you all! :)



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