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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

TTC for 4.5 years!!! And finally got my BFP!!!

Hi ladies!! I have stalked this website for years!!! And I truly started to believe a 3rd baby was just not in the clouds for me?... And then boom!!! I am preggo!! So don't give up!!! It can happen after many years of TTC!!!!
My symptoms are:
1dpo-10dpo - No symptoms whatsoever.
11dpo - Left ovary pain, gassy
12dpo to 16dpo - Cramps AF definitely on way, super gassy, slight Pms.

My period app said 3 days late on 17 dpo... So I thought ok.. Let me just see... So I went to target and couldn't wait to get home, so I took it on the bathroom! Lol!! And it was positive!!!!

Currently - Cramping daily...still swear AF is on her way... Today I and 4 weeks and 5 days, per my app!

Good luck and lots and lots of baby dust to all mamas TTC!!!

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