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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Two week wait - so hard!

Hi Just want to write this as voyering these boards helped me SO MUCH during my two week wait. All of us are so brave. having to undergo IVF is the hardest thing for a woman to go through, it goes against everything us women were made for. I struggled so much during the 2WW that I felt really negative at the end of it. I just wanted to tell you all a few symptoms that I read into and shouldnt have. 1st week: sore boobs and going to the toilet loads 2nd week: squeezing my boobs every day for hope of some tenderness - none. Period pains almost every day I was pretty sure it hadnt worked. I get different period pains like dragging but some sharp pains ad weirdly a pain in my tummy button which always means a period. had all these. I even said to my husband sadly "whats the point in doing a test," but something came over me I thought "Ive been through all this I have to know" so i did the test on the 2nd wee of the day (i was so desperate for the loo when I first got up I forgot?!) and it was a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!!! We just saw the heart beat 2 days ago and now feeling nice and nauseas. Please ladies dont read into any of the signs as one forum said "the cruel thing is early pregnancy symptoms reflect period symptoms." I love the person who wrote " have FAITH have FAITH have FAITH...." when she was writing about her positve result after all the cramps and no symtoms/symptoms there one day gone the next.If this baby is a girl her middle name will be Faith. FYI I have had these cramps pretty much the whole time. Lots of us IVF pople also have scaring and dont forget the effects of stimulating your ovaries to the point of no return and then stopping the hormones. We've been through so much, let's give ourselves a break. I believe in positivity and do loads of hypno. BELIEVE you will have a baby, even go out and buy it something to confirm your belief it will happen. the sub concious mind knows so much more than you think. what's the worst that could happen? you were too positive? I don't think so, it would always be worse to think I wasn't positive enough. All the best to you brave lot.


This gives me hope, that is exactly how I've felt for the past two weeks... Beta is tomorrow and I'm freaking out. I had the exact same symptoms and I'm now wondering if the sudden change from boobs being sore to feeling nothing... is good or bad. I'm trying not to lose hope and have FAITH! All I can do is wait until tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

OMG! Amazing because i'm feeling the EXACT same way. Checking daily for sore boobs ... none. Thinking i'm feeling "symptoms" but not really. Watching YouTube videos when i know i shouldn't. Today, 3/10 i am 10 days past FET. I've been wanting to take a home test so badly but i've held strong and have not. Tomorrow is blood work / BETA day. Pray for me/us, ladies.

Thank you for that! I'm 9dpo and I got a BFN this morning. I have been having cramps since the embryo transfer but none of the other symptoms. I'm starting to give up hope!

Hi ladies, I had my BETA yesteday and unfortunately it is not looking good. My HCG level is 14 when it should be closer to the 50's-60's. I'm devastated. I don't know what else to do or try.

bfp by prayer....I love this. I hope to get a bfp. Et was done on the 9th marxh

thank you soon much for your share.... I am also feel some crams like period but I got bfp only now I feel good it is common .... thank u

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