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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Two weeks wait symptoms

Ok so here I go.... Got my BFP today and I swore to myself that I would write in here to help other people TTC

First of all I used Clearblue OPK (Cycle usually 30-32 days) started testing 2 times a day 11am and 7 pm since CD 13 (Highly recommend this, very useful way to learn about your cycle and your own fertility, and identify problems if any, or get peace of mind). Had my positive OPK on Cd15 (BD on 14,15,16,17), then no more Baby Dancing....

I have to say before I list my symptoms that I have never had AF cramps, so searching for symptoms online for me was really frustrating since it seemed symptoms were like AF cramps.

Ok so here we go.....

5DPO - Ovulation Pain on right side
6DPO - While Sleeping had sharp pain in lower abdomen that woke me up, went to the toilet since it felt like a tummy ache...and nothing happened...went back to sleep...the pain lasted for about 30 min
7DPO- Ovulation Pain and Cramps (my cramps feel like sharp twinges only for a second)
8 DPO- Ovulation Pain
9 DPO - Tender Breast Constipation (Going to the toilet less than usual for No2, but still going)
10 DPO- Acid Reflux (Never had that before) Tender Breasts
11 DPO - Tender Breast
12 DPO - Tender Breast Constipation Cramps (At night)
13 DPO - Tender Breast Constipation Cramps (At night)
14 DPO - Tender Breast Gassy
15 DPO - Tender Breast
16 DPO - BFP first morning urine


Congrats! Your story has given me hope! One day i would also like to put my story on here :) Again congratulations on your BFP!!

I am so happy for you! I wish I'm as lucky as you this month!!

Congrats!! Did you find you had more symptoms in week 1 than week 2 during your TWW? I started off feeling a ton of symptoms from 1DPO- 8DPO and recetly haven't felt much in the past few days (I'm at 11DPO). I had completely convinced myself that my body had changed and I was pregnant but I still am getting BFN. I know it's still early, but also many people are finding their BFP between 8-11DPO. I find it so strange I have felt better the last 3 days and it's confusing to me.  

Yaaay! Congrats to you. :D

It's our first month TTC and I know sometimes I takes longer than that but I had cramps, implantation spotting, sore BBs and the past two days I have been so tired by the afternoon I couldn't keep my eyes open. I HPT'd this morning and two days ago with BFNs. This gives me hope that I still maybe get my BFP later on. -prays-

When I got pregnant the first time I just knew. I was 100% sure for the first 2-3. Weeks, I took about a million tests and they all came back negative and all the "symptoms" seemed to go away. so I eventually decided I was just stressed because I was switching duty stations (I was in the army) the end of week 5 I had a blood test done and it came back negitive so I was completely sure I was babyless. 2 days after the blood test I went to a party had a bit much to drink and when I woke up the next morning puking, and I NEVER get hang overs. I had one ept left so I though what the hell...I hadn't even gotten the stick out from between my legs and the pfb was darker than the control line! I was 6.5 weeks along! So don't give up hope until aunt flow comes knocking! You might just have naturally low hormone lvls like me!

hey Emily, thanks so much for replying!! your story is so inspiring!!!! I have been so emotional lately but still haven't gotten my period. I feel pretty much normal otherwise. I should have gotten AF on July 28th or 29th, but it's August 1st and still nothing. But, I also just went off the pill on July 1st and I know it could just be late from adjusting to going off the horomones. Emily, do you know if you could have gotten pregnant later than you thought in between that time, or are you sure you got pregnant when you did? Anyways, thank you again for sharing with us!!

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