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Unexpected BFP After Period?

Hey all, DH and I have been TTC since June of this year. This cycle we BD'd every other day starting the day after my period ended, and used pressed and I drank raspberry leaf tea every night. I was sure we got it right this cycle, but got my period about 5 days earlier than normal. Yesterday, I thought I was CD 11 expecting to Ovulate CD 13, but I had some spotting the last couple days so I tested and I got a BFP! Here is the break down:

DPO 1-5: No Symptoms
DPO 5 Onwards: Very sore boobs (common for me after O)
DPO 9-14: pulling and cramping in pelvis, hips feeling heavy.
DPO 13-14: Super nauseous, pounding headache for 48 hours, starving, thought I had the flu. Tested and BFN
DPO 15: Period, sore boob pain vanished. I stopped paying attention to symptoms after I got my period.

There is no way we could have gotten pregnant any other time, because I haven't ovulated yet since last month. I don't understand the period unless it was (heavy?) spotting, but it seems unusual. In addition, last month I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and was put on a dose of synthroid, which I originally thought caused my early period, and the subsequent spotting the last few days. Does anyone else have a weird experience like this? Of course, we will be making a doctors appointment to see!

It goes without saying we are feeling so blessed and giving thanks to God for everything.


Congratulations!  Happy and healthy 9 mos.

Congrast! But definetely get the bleeding checked out. Don't want to scare you but bleeding like that could be indicative of an ectopic pregnancy. Hopefully that's not the case and it's just low progesterone messing with you and causing you to bleed. In that case you'd need to get supplements to keep the pregnancy. Good luck! 

Remember that spotting during pregnancy is very common and 50% of the time is harmless, but actual bleeding always needs to be investigated. 

Yes cl to make sure there's no more bleeding, esp tissue bleeding, there is a bleeding called dicidual bleeding ; Google that, but it mimics what we thinks af but it's a common thing about 20% get that and find out they are liKe 16 weeks along because they assumed it was menses. But when. It's just red and no tissue is normal as long as there's no tissue and it becomes heavy. Kmfx H&h 9 months 



I just found out I have Hypothyroidism, been on meds about 1months now. How is everything going? I wish you all the best. We have been trying almost a one year but did take off a few months in there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Take care.

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