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Unexpected BFP - No Usual Symptoms!

Hi Ladies, I poured over this website every day while I was TTC! I know what it's like to symptom-spot, so thought I would add my story to give someone some hope. I got my BFP 3 days ago with #1 so I'm nervous but so, so very excited. I am aged 29 with only 2 months TTC so I am very lucky. Here's my story. 1st Month TTC The first month I had cramps, pains, soreheads, lots of CM and I was CONVINCED I was pregnant. However, all I got was a contact stream of BFN's and AF eventually came as usual. 2nd month TTC I started using OPK's from Ebay. BD 2 days in a row (Thursday & Friday) before Positive OPK. Positive OPK arrived on Saturday when I had a friend coming to stay over for a girlie movie night so we didn't BD on the Saturday. BD the Sunday night. That was honestly all the BDing we had time for this month! 3DPO - mild cramps in lower pelvic area 4DPO - mild cramps as above, barely noticeable or worth mentioning 5DPO - 10DPO - No symptoms whatsoever. I had no cramping, no emotional variances, no pains. This stuck out because usually I am a mess with PMS cramps and pains all this week in prep for AF but I was in the best mood ever. Honestly, I didn't have a "down" day all month. I knew something was up. 11DPO - Was lying in bed reading and felt about 6 or 7 sharp twinges in my lower left pelvic area. I remember smiling, something in my brain told me it was implantation. I tested. BFN. 12DPO - Still no symptoms. Tested BFN. 13DPO - Still no symptoms. Tested BFN. Posted on a message board that I was OUT this month. Started to plan for next month. 14DPO - Still no symptoms. Husband had bought a couple beers for the weekend and I was about to pop the cap on one and something in my brain told me to do a test first. Very faint BFP!!! 15DPO - Still no symptoms. Tested Faint BFP again. 16DPO - Still no symptoms. Went to chemist and bought a Clearblue Double Check test kit, had to wait until morning to test. 17DPO - BFP on Clearblue and BFP on Digital Date Tester!! Doctors Appointment for 2 weeks time to get the ball rolling. So ladies. My suggestion would be to look for the MISSING symptoms. Sometimes no symptoms is good news! I honestly cannot believe that I felt so overwhelmingly calm and happy all month. It's not how I expected to feel when BFP! I don't feel anything at all! Maybe a little tender in the BBs but that's it. I know it's early days, and we won't be telling anyone until we have the go-ahead from the Doctor but it's so exciting and nerve-wracking. The waiting doesn't stop though - it's so hard to keep the news to yourself and not scream it from the rooftop. Hindsight: Something told me this month to book an eye test, a ear test and a dentist appointment. Things I usually avoid as I have a total phobia of Doctors etc. (Pregnancy will be fun for me... not!) So I wonder is my sudden desire to look after myself related? Like my body suddenly flipped a switch and told me it was so important to look after this little baby making machine! :) GOOD LUCK LADIES!!! Baby dust to all xx Good luck ladies!!


Your story sounds SO much like mine! Trying to post but it won't let me booo. Got my BFP today and same felt cool as a cucumber this month!

Im New to TWW. My last cycle I just knew I was pregnant. SO MANY symptoms! Bam she came right on time. This cycle I didn't stress I just let it flow. What did tell me to test was I kept sneezing yesterday and had ligament pain while sneezed and said hmm why not use the last HPT I have. I did so at 5am within minutes there was a faint (more than faint) positive one a dollar tree test at 13DPO

Hoping to post my BFP really soon. Prayers are definitely in the works. :) TTC- 1year&5months

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