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Very late and shocking BFP!

My gosh where do I even start?! Let me first say I got my BFP 1-5-16, I went today to get it confirmed and was told I was 10 1/2 weeks and given August 1, 2016 as my due date. I'm still completely shocked but very happy and excited. I have 2 other children from a previous marriage, one is 5 and the other will be 2 at the end of this month. Ok lets get down to business, My last period was 10-24-15 and I was due to ovulate around 11-12-15. Usually my boyfriend and I are good about always using condoms especially close to ovulation, in this case I think I may have ovulated later around Thanksgiving and since I thought my period was coming soon there was a couple times we didn't use condoms. On 12-6-15 I felt what I thought was AF cramps coming but she never showed her face, so a week and some days later I took 2 digital EPT tests and both were NEGATIVE. Of course I was bummed even though we weren't trying but the results also left me confused and a bit worried about what was making me late. A few days before Christmas I took 2 more tests, this time they were the Clearblue + or - with the blue dye. The first one was negative and the 2nd had the faintest positive I've ever seen in my life that it wasn't convincing because on these tests you can already see the - before you even pee on it. I did some research and saw a lot of women had the same problem and couldn't trust the results. Might I add I'm having very minimal symptoms at this point, but they all are PMS symptoms to me, nothing out of the ordinary. At this point I summed it up to the stress of the holidays is just making me late. My oldest went back to school on the 5th and the night before my boyfriend suggested I should pick up a test on the way home. I was reluctant because I wasn't looking forward to seeing another BFN but I went ahead and got one but this time I just got one from dollar tree cause I was sick of wasting money. So I get home he's ready and waiting for me to do it, I get a little weepy saying I don't want to before going into the bathroom and emptying my bladder. I put the 4 drops into the test and immediately ran out, I sat on the bed weeping again lol then gathered all my courage to walk back to the bathroom. Our bathroom is in our room so I told my boyfriend I was going to close the door while I looked. I was in there less than .5 seconds before barging out and saying COME LOOK AT THIS! COME LOOK AT THIS! WHAT IS THIS?! Of course by my reaction it was obvious what the test said lol. We are both extremely happy and ready for our first appointment so we can see exactly how far along I am and when my actual due date will be! This is his first child and he can't help but start picking out a name already.
Thanks for reading my entry and congrats to everyone who got their BFP's! To the ones who are still waiting for those 2 pink lines, DON'T GIVE UP, lots of baby dust *********


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Congratulations! Happy & healthy 9 mos.

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