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Hi Ladies, Just thought Id share my story here, just to give those other endo sufferers hope if it isn't already happening for you! Just to give some background: I suffered quite badly from endo during my teens and was put on the pill to control it (although I doesn't agree with me) so Ive tried different pills and then the mirena (also not another great choice for me) so as of Nov 2014 I was on nothing. Discussed with hubby maybe to start trying as I know it may be hard with the endo and my age (23) would be on my side. That was Jan of this year, needless to say.... nothing happened. I did everything I could, read up on as much as I could, spent countless hours on here reading stories! This continued till June, which I know isn't a long time, but so close to our wedding we decided to focus on the wedding and leave the babies for another 6 months to a year. It was disappointing because my doctor would continually test my ovulation levels and say they were spot on, that my age was perfect for trying to have a baby, then suggesting maybe my husband was the reason we werent conceiving and to get him tested. That all seemed bit invasive to me considering the fact he was only 26. Anyway fast forward to late sept/early oct, we had gotten married, gotten through the stress of it all, were just enjoying ourselves with our honeymoon coming up, me not giving much thought to babies at all. I must of ovulated somewhere in the first week of october (I'm sorry I don't have the exact dates, or what I exactly felt because I really wasn't paying attention) I always felt ovulation, boobs got tender etc, again I didn't think much of it as nothing had happened before. Two weeks later we were off on our honeymoon, with my period of course due on the day we were to fly out... and with what felt like shooting period cramps I was thinking, yep right on time! (28 day cycle). The days passed and Id continue with these pains maybe once or twice a day but no period. I wasn't particularly worried because my cycle before had been a little scattered as Id tried going on the pill again- that lasted two weeks and I was over it. I just kept putting my absent period down to that. Telling my husband constantly, its got to be on its way soon. Fast forward another week, slight twinges in my abdomen on and off, no period. I sort of broached the subject that wouldn't it be hilarious if I actually was pregnant after all of that. He wasn't finding it THAT funny of course haha. I decided to let it go abit longer, and last sunday I took one of my spare ovulation tests (because I've read they can pick up on hormones if you are pregnant and don't have a test to use) it came up with the smiley face indicating definite hormones there but I knew I couldn't be ovulating, that was confusing so again I left it another day and bought some preg tests on my shopping run. I decided to take it the next morning, convincing myself it'd be just like the others, only this time the test line developed long before the control line did. I am still quite shell shocked, not quite understanding what was different about that ovulation/month to all the others when I was trying to do everything right. I think its true what they say, the moment you aren't worried about it, is the moment it will happen. I also think the fact hubby had gotten back into a fairly rigorous gym routine helped (Ive read a few articles on studies that go on to say weight lifting and constant exercise improve sperm speed and capabilities). So from that it was off to the doctors to see the little bean in my tummy (it looked just like I spot to me) haha and am waiting to hear back on my HCG levels. Hopefully there fine, as not knowing about this pregnancy, I had continued doing everything normally, including getting a new tattoo (lordy, if only id known!) So to wrap it up the big things I've noticed in what would of been the two week wait would be the shooting cramp pains, they'd come and go only lasting a minute if that, and maybe wanting to sleep abit more (but Ive always loved my sleep) everything else seemed normal. Its only in the last couple of days that Ive felt tender boobs, slight nausea when I don't eat enough and aversion to smells/food that I normally love. I'll be 6 weeks on friday (30th). So goodluck and positive vibes to all of you ttc with endo, cause it does happen!


Congratulations! Happy & healthy 9 mos.

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