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When God says only I can!

It has been a long 3 years and 4 months trying to conceive. I have cried almost everyone of those 1216 days. I have read these boards for comfort many nights and I could always find something positive here to keep going, and to keep trying. I prayed Lord if it's not your will for me to have children please don't let me be bitter about it, just give me wisdom and understanding. I am here tonight to say I finally got my BFP. I though this day would never come. I had mild cramping 3 days before my period and had one swipe of pink mucous when I wiped. I had no HPT and decided to use the opk I had left over from last month. My OPK was instantly positive I didn't want to get my hopes up but I went to the store got a HPT. It was positive instantly, so I went back to the store and got a digital and it read pregnant 2-3 weeks. I couldn't believe it. I have an AMH of 0.03, yes that low! I just turned 35 in Dec 2015. I have been going to a fertility clinic almost the whole 3 years. I have been on both Femera and clomid with HCG triggers, but my two previous cycles where canceled due to cysts. So I conceived with out fertility meds! As far as BDing goes we did it only one time around my fertile days because me and hubby where so busy. I did take DHEA with out Dr. approval. My Doc also told me I would probably have to have donor eggs and do IVF. I didn't want to do IVF and neither did hubby, but it was hard to say no. I felt like I was throwing away my last chance. My loving God gave me everything from literally nothing, I just had to give it up to him. I pray for all of you and I ask that you would pray for the health of my baby and me. I wish you all the very best, this was the only place I had to turn to b/c my entire family has no idea of my struggles to conceive. Thanks to all!


I'm praying for you and baby! Just know God is already holding you tight!! Congratulations!!

Such a beautiful story that gives me hope too!! God is so good and his promises are always true and everlasting! Amen to this gift. Praying you have a beautiful and happy baby! <3

I am so pleased you have started your miracle. I am right here with you. Waiting on God vs the spectre of IVF.

I am so happy for you and your hubby. God is amazing and his timing is always better. I will be praying for you, hubby, and baby. God Bless you!!!

Beautiful Post love, I prayed through out reading your post it's so touching, bless you and your baby bean xo

Baby girl born healthy 2017 no problems for her or me. She is 7 months old now. We are trying for another baby. Prayers needed

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