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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

When you let go, surrender that's when it happens!!!

I still can’t believe it! Literally dream come true. Just discovered yesterday morning because FF tells me it’s a good time to take the test and usually it has been very accurate pinpointing my exact CD 1 if ever my period comes. Period should have arrive last Friday June 7 but it didn't. So two days late. That and my AVA temps are so high and still climbing so something was definitely different! I was like why not check to get it over with lol. How many DPO did you receive your BFP? 14 DPO What is your average cycle length: 27-31 days (regular/every month) What tracking methods did you use: AVA, OPK, FF for charting, first time to check my Fertility fluid/Cervical mucus this cycle using what I learned from the book: Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I highly recommend this because I was able to identify that I have EWCM (also saw the transition) and along with a positive OPK that one afternoon it helped me knew exactly when is my Ovulation Day. What’s your average LP Length: 12 days or 14 days (kinda new with charting) Any symptom spotting: I was so busy playing with Sims 4 it was free lols that I didn’t fortunately symptom spot like I used to BUT I did have sore breasts which is I also get every time I get my period then headaches. The funny thing is what my hubby told me. He said he already knew something was different with me this cycle because usually if my period is coming I would be picking fights with him, this time though I was really nice to him lol. I didn’t notice because I was busy playing Sims to care. What medications or supplements: Just taking prenatals. How many cycles TTC? 5 I think this cycle I was able to successfully identify my Ovulation day and discovered I was actually ovulating later than i thought. The first two cycles were so off in timing. Got better in charting with the help of Ava and FF in 3rd and 4th cycle then first time checking the fertile CM this cycle and it worked. How many cycles with Ava: 3 and a half and this cycle it was very accurate because first time it says the same thing as FF. They both got it right! GSD pattern: This is what worked for us 0-2, 0-1 & 0+1 No infertility diagnoses. What I also did differently is that at least on this cycle, I let go and surrendered completely. I talked to my husband and one of my sisterly friends. It helped me a lot emotionally and psychologically after breaking down that one day. The negative emotions wee released inside me that I've been harboring. It was so good not overthinking about "how to get pregnant" anymore. I realized I need to keep living, move on and not put my life on hold because of the thought of "we got to get pregnant" pushing ourselves and the continuous torture and paranoia that what if something is wrong with us and it might never happen. I said to myself around TWW that with or without baby or children I am going to enjoy this life. Of course, I really wanted to have kids and it would suck if you don't get to have them but you need to realize that you need to be happy first with yourself before they can join you in this life. So this cycle I got pregnant because I was actually completely being myself and feeling free and the happiest I've ever been since we started ttc. The distraction and joy of playing Sims 4 actually help too. Talking it out, letting out that bottled or pent-up emotions is a big thing of making yourself free. Your baby will join you once you are ready at that time when you least expect it. That is truly when the magic happens! Be yourself again, find the little joys in your life, strive to move on and do your very best to be happy. To be a happy person. Your time will come. Best of luck to you!

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