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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


I'm the worst about assuming any little cramp or twinge means I'm pregnant. Then when af comes I'm devastated. Every single time. But this month I finally got my BFP !!! I wrote down my symptoms per DPO for anyone who spends hours on end searching for someone with symptoms similar to what I was feeling. 1-4 DPO Feeling a little unmotivated if anything. I'm usually on top of my work but for some reason I just dragged through each day doing the bare minimum. 5 DPO So so so hungry. I ate lunch at 10:30 am. NOTHING would fill me up! I wanted hot wings and I don't even like hot wings. Oh and I was very bloated..I could not suck my stomach in. But surely it's too early for symptoms. Must be my mind playing jokes on me again.Ugh! 6 DPO STILL hungry. I would be nauseas yet hungry all at once. Sleepy but not unusually sleepy. I did however have a pretty nice crying session for no reason what so ever but last month I did that too right before af. I'm trying not to get my hopes up at this point. 7 DPO More queasiness than nausea at this point. Bbs not very sore like I've read some women's are. 8 DPO Bloated and constipated!! Not as hungry as the previous days. With my first I was very constipated when I got my bfp with her so I was very excited! Then to my dismay I had a couple of loose bowels. Laid down in bed and felt a sharp pinch in my left ovary. Never noticed that before!! Immediately googled. 9 DPO more queasiness. Bloated. Bbs feel more bruised than sore...if that makes sense. 10 DPO nothing really here. Bought pregnancy test just for the heck of it. Took test at night vvvvvfl or maybe evap ? 11 DPO Took cheap Walmart test with fmu same thing...Evap or faint line. Bought a frer and it came up positive on both manual and digital test!!!! Finally got my BFP!! The moral of this is I didn't feel anything too different so if you don't immediately have the "I'm pregnant" feeling you are NOT out!! Good luck to all you amazing women and thank you all for your inspirational stories!! Baby dust!!!
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