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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Worth the Pain!

So let me start this out by giving you a little background about myself.... I am 29, husband is 26.. We both work in the medical field so our hours are crazy.. We have been trying for around 16 months.. I got my BFP in November, and am currently 10 weeks... During this long process I have stalked this board looking for tips, ideas, signs, symptoms and basically everything but magic fairy dust. Month after month I would get pumped up by symptom spotting only to see 1 line. Hands down one of the hardest waiting periods of my life... but lets move on to the good stuff.. I went to my Doctor about a year ago and we talked about options as far as infertility went. She offered to put me on Clomid as long as my blood work and HSG looked good. I was all "What? that's super easy" WRONGO! Blood work came back good, besides I had the testosterone of a linebacker, her words not mine. I immediately changed my diet. Anything white I didn't touch.. NO white rices, breads, or potatoes. I kicked high processed foods out and started taking Myo-Inositol to help lower the bad androgens. I was already working out daily so that wasn't an issue for me. Turns out I had to eliminate running all together to help get pregnant. Anyways I'm jumping ahead.. So my goal after lab work was healthier living (i.e cut out smoking, drinking any beer, and healthier diet, and generally work on my relationship with God). Now step 2 HSG that in itself was a task. See I decided to watch HSG procedures on Youtube, super smart idea said no one ever. I couldn't schedule mine.. thats a lie I did twice and cancelled twice. So lets travel a year down the road to October 2nd.. I for whatever reason prayed and prayed and finally got the courage to go through with it. My adorable husband went with, and even stayed in the room the whole time... I opted out of sedatives because I don't like how they make me feel. The procedure was quick and to the point. Ladies I cant lie to you, it was painful. Is what it is.. they are literally dilating your cervix and Fallopian tubes.. BUT not as painful as I told myself, and for sure not something that I wouldn't do all over again for the sake of fertility. After that I went home and rested for a bit, had a job interview that afternoon and was able to go to that no problem if that tells you anything. I ovulated during Halloween, and got my first positive test November 11th. There are so many factors that could have helped.. Life style changes.. stopping running long distances and hard cardio workouts.. the HSG.. prayer.. or maybe it was just our time.. I will never know exactly why this baby stuck, but I am forever thankful. I don't have symptoms to share during my two week wait to test but I do have a little advice:

1. Stop OVER testing, wait for the first day of your missed period.. or at least the week of..
2. Lay off your spouses, they are upset and trying also.. maybe not level 100 like you, but they'll get there.. plus what good is being pregnant if by the time it happens your spouse and your marriage is almost over.. NO FUN..
3. Keep sex fun.. Halloween night before trick-or-treaters came worked for us..
4.enjoy the not being pregnant time.. because when it happens SICKNESS and more SiCKNESS comes right with it..
5. take care of yourself physically and emotionally.. infertility is rough.. stop looking at pregnant woman wondering why your body is failing you... IT ISN'T, just not your time yet..
6. Last but not least, take a little time off the internet.. stop reading about it.. let your brain and baby making parts BREATH..

Well that's all the great profound wisdom I have.. I hope this helps at least one of you soon to be mommas.. if it doesn't well there is 5000 other posts about getting pregnant, one will!! :) Good luck!


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