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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Wow Prayers Work! Don’t Give Up, Pray To God!

Hello everyone my name is Kaiyla and for a looking time I been trying to have a baby, to be honest ever since I lost my virginity at 18. I had a boyfriend (my girls for 2 1/2) years, we ended. Then I met my EX James and we were engaged and together for 3 years unfortunately I had a abortion and a miscarriage with him.... I then met my soulmate, my husband :) My husband and I have been together for only 6 months and married for 2 months! It was turkey love at first site! Him and I been trying to get pregnant for 3 months and NOTHING! I would do everything! I even was so desperate I started watching infertility YouTube videos and desperately trying to find answers! I figured since I’m in perfect health and 23 years old I shouldn’t have any issues with conceiving!, I began buying natural fertility herbs with my cycles. Viitex, Macao roots, natural progesterone cream, raw prenatals, prenatal DHA, and digital and cheapie OPKs Finally 3 months of trying I got sore achy boobs and at 8-9dpo I got faint lines and a Official BFP at 10 DPO! Here’s some by DPO symptoms 1DPO-5DPO hot temp between 97.88-97.99 Left pelvic pain tender breast , school glue cm, neg hpt 6DPO-11DPO HOT TEMP!, cramps Cervix closed and firm 12FPO POS HPT AT 8:50 vomiting


I am glad of you dear. Just 2 months trying to conceive and the results are positive. Some of us have been trying hard to make it but it seemed difficult. I remembered at some point I gave up. Married for 7 years and ttc. I even thought that I was infertile. Moved from one clinic to another with no help. All they told me was that it was unexplained fertility. Like you don't even know what ypou8 are suffering from. It was so painful trying to get over something that even the doctors do not know what the problem is. Till when I was introduced to Bio tex clinic. It felt like magic when the BFP came through. I actually cried. I can remember that day as if it was yesterday. But mow I am on my two weeks wait and crossing fingers, haha.

Kayla, you are such a blessed woman. Your story is indeed an interesting one. You were up and down and finally, you found peace and success. There is nothing so great to like to become a mother. Seems like you started negatively with misfortunes here and there. Finally, you found your way out. If I were you I could have given up already especially after a miscarriage. My friend Lucy could not conceive at all. She tried all means without success. After a period of 3 years, she gave up in marriage. The spouse was so loving. He was the kind of people who would browse the web to seek information. He joined a forum like this one. He found many people with the same story as that of his ex-wife.He used to encourage the lady to go back o marriage with him. The lady used to feel ashamed as the in-laws were on her. Only that one day the hubby convinced her to go for a check-up. They found that the lady had blocked fallopian tubes which could not be treated. The only options they had was IVF. They had a hard time getting a good facility which was affordable. In the same forum, they discovered Bi o tex com in U kra ine was reviewed by most patients. Their rates were very affordable and their success rate of the IVF very high. As I type this they are happy together with a baby girl. You have achieved great things too friend. Waoh

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