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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


After five long years of trying and a MC 9/1, we are finally pregnant! This time around I wasn't really feeling any different. I just thought, ok, I'll grab a test and we'll see... The FRER popped up a positive, super dark line in like 10 seconds! The fluid wasn't even finished passing through the window yet! I was so surprised!!! So, my LMP was 11/13 pitting me at five weeks but it was a weird period. For all I know I could be closer to eight or nine weeks. I find out tomorrow as I have an appt for blood work and an ultrasound then. I cannot wait! Of course, I find it comical that one day, you feel slightly pregnant but as soon as that test comes back positive, the next day you feel it! I couldn't button my jeans the next day! Too funny! Plus, if I am in fact only five weeks, I am HUGE! Yes, it is my second. My DD is 11. I look almost six months! I'm praying it's not twins, lol! Between Clomid (100mg cd3-7: our third round) and having twins on my side I'm a little apprehensive! Good luck to all you ladies and I'm praying this one sticks around!



was on depo for almost two years. Last shot was Sept last shot was supposed to be on dec 25/26, 2014. Before that I was on bc pills non-stop since teenager for endometriosis. Well controlled. Now we are married 1-year & I'm 30. We decided we'd TTC starting new years day, & had sex on jan 2,3, 5,6,8,11,12. I didn't think we could conceive so quickly....been told it can take 6-12mo....... have been searching internet for my weird symptoms. Never had these things happen to me even before depo. Fyi I haven't had my period yet since stopping the depo shot 1month ago..... not realizing these can be early signs of preg...... i am having sore boobs, they feel dense/plump, since the 9th/10th. Severe like severe hunger every 3-4hrs even at nite, despite well balanced meals, lightheaded, fatigue/sleeping longer. Had negative hpt first thing in am today. What to do?

No period since starting TTC on jan 2; But looking back, I had a day or two of weird light brown/pink/clear spotting while peeing or wiping on jan 17th. Pretty much nonstop light bleeding whole month of nov & dec.(last two months while on depo; my last shot was Sept 25)

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