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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Ok so today I POAS 4 x and got 4 v faint BFPs!!! This is my 5th pregnancy (2 girls 2xmc 1xcp) with all of my pregnancies I got symptoms from 2/3 dpo.
1dpo cervix still high, lotion cm
2dpo high cervix, mild cramping, lotion cm
3dpo mild cramping all day, strange dreams, kept waking up wide awake!
4dpo dreamt I got a BFP restless, cramping all day, boobs ache. Sneezing (big clue for me) fatigue. Vagina walls feel puffy until present. (another big clue)
5dpo loads of cramping all day very low down and continuous, dry eyes (this happens every pregnancy for me) very slight nausea, gagged when I cleaned my teeth, bleeding gums (another big clue for me) freezing cold during the night no idea what that was about! Restless night.very tired in the evening but couldn't settle. In the middle of the night despite being freezing I felt a warmth on my stomach which made my body tingle.
6dpo feeling pretty sure I'm pregnant just got to do the waiting game! Cramps are Painful, ligaments are sore around groin and back. Very small amount of brown cm, boobs ache, emotional, anxious.
7dpo 4 Bfps!! Faint but definitely positives :)

Good luck!!


Thanks for posting this! 

It is stressful and confusing trying to figure out what our symptoms "mean" during this two week wait!

yesterday was 10 dpo, and I had really sore boobs and brown spotting. this was also 4 days before my period (I am usually 27-28 day period). I never get sore boobs as part of PMS though, so it made me hopeful that it might mean something. Today 11 dpo, no soreness (it only lasted 1 day) but I do have light pink spotting. I have had dry eyes and sneezing today, but I assumed this was allergies. 

I also typically only have 1 day of spotting before full flow. last month I had 4 days of brown spotting beforehand which was unusual. But I guess the same might happen this month.

How can you tell the difference between implantation bleeding and spotting leading up to AF? I guess there is no easy answer except to wait a couple of days and see if full flow comes. So stressful though to keep overthinking these things. It is month 4 TTC, but it's crazy how quickly I've become emotional over it. 

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