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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Yesssss! BFP @13DPO and I'm 39...

I've been reading all of you girls' symptoms for months now, so it's only fair that I share my BFP story today! Here's my story:

I'm a mom (8 year old) and stepmom (9 year old) and very happy with life. Still I had one wish... To bring one more tiny being into this world to bring more light. I'm 39, 6 years after my divorce. I've struggled with my new relationship for a while when we moved in 2.5 years ago. But now: since a year we're a stable home for our two boys and we enjoy life so much. This wish came about again ... Could it be? We've talked and talked and decided: yes we'll do it. We'll see for 6 months, until my 40th birthday if God was to give us a brand new child to celebrate love and life. So we started... TTC the first round I became pregnant, but this didn't last. I lost it before I could get the BFP. Then for two cycles there was no baby... And this cycle I had so little symptoms I didn't believe in it. So I let go. Even had some wine in the first bit of the cycle (safe period though). Somehow though, I felt more tired, has (.)(.) pain and I was nauseated. But I had had those symptoms every month.... I decided to wait till 13DPO to test this time. That was this morning... And I could not believe my eyes. Neither could my husband: a Big Fat Positive! I'm SO happy that God gave us this new life! Amazing. What a gift. Here are my symptoms:

OD (cycle day 16) - Aug. 11
DPO 1- 4: no signs what so ever
DPO 5: a little tender (.)(.)
DPO 6-7-8: severe headaches, don't like food, nor coffee anymore (I'm an addict for coffee, but I quit because of TTC, but I still drank caffeine-free, now I didn't even want that).
DPO 8-13: a little nausea, mostly at night (!), very low energy, craving cheesy things (weird...)
DPO 13: test in the morning: BFP!!!!


Congratulations!!!! I sure hope that's me soon.  I'm 39 too and trying for #2.

I have an 8 year old, divorced 6 years and in a new relations that took some hard work on both our parts to deal with the culture shock.  He's Jamaican, I'm African American.  And I'm ready to try for #2.  Wow, we have so much in common, fingers crossed I get a BFP too!  Tested today at 9dpo, couldn't help myself lol.  If I don't have another baby, we'll be okay.  My daughter is wonderful and my new partner is fantastic.  Life is good.

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