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How would I know if my cycle was anovulatory?

BFN yesterday at what I hoped was 14 DPO, don't really feel like AF is comin' anymore. My last cycle was 22 days and the one before 25. I've had a few 27 day cycles, but typically they run about 25/26 since I gave birth 9 months ago.. today is CD 29 - my longest cycle yet..


This cycle:

CD1-6 AF




 CD9- DTD in the mood, light *twinge* right ovary verrryyy in the mood & feeling a throb on the LEFT now! "dry" cm wise :( started DD on solids again about 2x or 3x a day to reduce feedings


 CD10- DTD afternoon. "wetness" but no ewcm. cramping + gas


 CD11- Technically DTD on CD11.. was after midnight but just barely no fertile cm yet, thinking we BD'd a bit too early :( bit of a twinge right side. DD won't eat her babyfood today so all breastfeeding. tiny bit of creamy cm could be semen. really want to dtd and feel "moist" at 5pm.


CD12- REALLLYY feel like dtding. guessing we will be missing o (think it may be this week) but trying to be hopeful. twinges right ovary in the PM.


CD13- woooow mittelschmerz again this AM... hmm. fairly strong right side. AF cramps? could just be upset tummy..diarhea feeling & mittelschmerz left side @ 7pm? pretty strong cramping. O? finally have a bit of EWCM


CD14- slight pain in right ovary. moist feeling, creamy/lotiony but clearer. thick, tacky lotion cm with a bit of thick white stretchy??? abundant. discharge I've never really seen before, very white and thick but stretchy by 11 pm


CD15- nausea in the AM (get this through cycle, so not a symptom) not much CM daytime but I feel like there's something there.. clearish, sticky/tacky. not a lot but thick. stretchy gelatinous CM @ 530pm feeling very funny / dizzy, little nauseous @ 930pm Symptoms:Nausea (medium), Headaches (medium)


CD16- EWCM. If this is O it puts my luteul phase at just a measley 8 or so days :/


CD17- BD'd morning time BD'd late afternoon had O-like pains again in left & right?


CD18- DTD. (guestimating the spotting timeline as I dropped phone in toilet and cant access my notes)Had one pink spot on pantyliner.

CD19- Nothing.

CD20- Begin spotting again, light pink only when I wipe. Very serious UTI all of a sudden. Don't know if blood is from that, or if AF is coming.. Also get excited that it may be IB!

CD21- Little bit of EWCM type CM, which has me freaking out thinking that I am just barely O'ing. Blood tinged, and very jello-y and thick. Keep thinking it's early AF again or IB, which sends me on a testing spree (disappointment galore)

CD22- Spotting goes away completely. Insert a tampon and nothing there. Was so light the couple days it was present, am convinced it was either IB or from the UTI at this point.

CD-25/26 Most fertile looking EWCM I've seen all cycle. Except that it's a touch yellowy. CONVINCED I am barely O'ing or AF is coming, as I sometimes get a patch right before AF. Sad and disappointed but test anyways thinking the spotting might have been IB!

CD-25-29 Waiting for AF & she's a no show.


Multiple BFN's on CD22, 24, 25, 26 & 28.


Does this sound like an anovulatory cycle? My CM patterns are usually a bit more clear than this, this cycle was just so OFF for me.. I don't have any idea when or if I O'd, and now I'm late. I truly thought I had IB and let myself get excited like an idiot, and now I'm sitting here like.. oh.


im also bfing and having similar cycle as you. what happened? were you preg?