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How would I know if my cycle was anovulatory?

<p>BFN yesterday at what I hoped was 14 DPO, don't really feel like AF is comin' anymore. My last cycle was 22 days and the one before 25. I've had a few 27 day cycles, but typically they run about 25/26 since I gave birth 9 months ago.. today is CD 29 - my longest cycle yet..</p><p> </p><p>This cycle:</p><p>CD1-6 AF</p><p> </p><p dir="ltr">CD8 - DTD</p><p> </p><p dir="ltr"><br /> CD9- DTD in the mood, light *twinge* right ovary verrryyy in the mood &amp; feeling a throb on the LEFT now! "dry" cm wise :( started DD on solids again about 2x or 3x a day to reduce feedings</p><p> </p><p dir="ltr"><br /> CD10- DTD afternoon. "wetness" but no ewcm. cramping + gas</p><p> </p><p dir="ltr"><br /> CD11- Technically DTD on CD11.. was after midnight but just barely no fertile cm yet, thinking we BD'd a bit too early :( bit of a twinge right side. DD won't eat her babyfood today so all breastfeeding. tiny bit of creamy cm could be semen. really want to dtd and feel "moist" at 5pm.</p><p> </p><p dir="ltr"><br />CD12- REALLLYY feel like dtding. guessing we will be missing o (think it may be this week) but trying to be hopeful. twinges right ovary in the PM. </p><p> </p><p dir="ltr">CD13- woooow mittelschmerz again this AM... hmm. fairly strong right side. AF cramps? could just be upset tummy..diarhea feeling &amp; mittelschmerz left side @ 7pm? pretty strong cramping. O? finally have a bit of EWCM <br /></p><p> </p><p dir="ltr">CD14- slight pain in right ovary. moist feeling, creamy/lotiony but clearer. thick, tacky lotion cm with a bit of thick white stretchy??? abundant. discharge I've never really seen before, very white and thick but stretchy by 11 pm </p><p> </p><p dir="ltr">CD15- nausea in the AM (get this through cycle, so not a symptom) not much CM daytime but I feel like there's something there.. clearish, sticky/tacky. not a lot but thick. stretchy gelatinous CM @ 530pm feeling very funny / dizzy, little nauseous @ 930pm Symptoms:Nausea (medium), Headaches (medium)</p><p> </p><p dir="ltr">CD16- EWCM. If this is O it puts my luteul phase at just a measley 8 or so days :/</p><p> </p><p dir="ltr">CD17- BD'd morning time BD'd late afternoon had O-like pains again in left &amp; right?</p><p> </p><p>CD18- DTD. (guestimating the spotting timeline as I dropped phone in toilet and cant access my notes)Had one pink spot on pantyliner.</p><p>CD19- Nothing.</p><p>CD20- Begin spotting again, light pink only when I wipe. Very serious UTI all of a sudden. Don't know if blood is from that, or if AF is coming.. Also get excited that it may be IB!</p><p>CD21- Little bit of EWCM type CM, which has me freaking out thinking that I am just barely O'ing. Blood tinged, and very jello-y and thick. Keep thinking it's early AF again or IB, which sends me on a testing spree (disappointment galore)</p><p>CD22- Spotting goes away completely. Insert a tampon and nothing there. Was so light the couple days it was present, am convinced it was either IB or from the UTI at this point.</p><p>CD-25/26 Most fertile looking EWCM I've seen all cycle. Except that it's a touch yellowy. CONVINCED I am barely O'ing or AF is coming, as I sometimes get a patch right before AF. Sad and disappointed but test anyways thinking the spotting might have been IB!</p><p>CD-25-29 Waiting for AF &amp; she's a no show.</p><p> </p><p>Multiple BFN's on CD22, 24, 25, 26 &amp; 28.</p><p> </p><p>Does this sound like an anovulatory cycle? My CM patterns are usually a bit more clear than this, this cycle was just so OFF for me.. I don't have any idea when or if I O'd, and now I'm late. I truly thought I had IB and let myself get excited like an idiot, and now I'm sitting here like.. oh.</p>


im also bfing and having similar cycle as you. what happened? were you preg?