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Binge Eating & TTC Success!

Going to bed a very happy girl! :)

Despite feeling like a failure because of eating ice cream, a handful of potato wedges, and a dinner roll last night I managed to keep my urges too binge under control. I'm within my WW point range for the day and feeling great! I'm half way through my book I found and I'm really looking forward to finishing the whole thing. I'm also on the look out for more like it on emotional/binge eating. If you know of any good ones please share.

And to make my night even better! We managed to BD! Have lots of EWCM but my OPK is still neg. Will test again tomorrow.


I had a neg OPK test. Then at work a little later, I went to use the restroom and when I wiped I had a TON of EWCM, like a scary amount. Gross I know but it really was odd to me. Went home, tested again and negative. I decided the test was a liar and BD'd anyway. Figured my body knew something a stick did not. The next morning, I had a positive OPK. I BD'd a couple more times over the next few days. And at 14 DPO, BFP. We tried for a year and this is our first BFP. I'd like to point out that my OPK's were the kind that flash when your fertile window starts and stays solid when you are at your peak. So I BD'd before I even got a flashing smiley. I ran out of tests after the 2nd flashing smiley, so I am not sure when I peaked or actually O'd. Previously we based our BD'ing on what those tests showed. This time I went with my body signs and my phone app that recorded previous months cycles. It may be coincidence that this month worked. But I truly feel our success is all because we BD'd that one day BEFORE my tests detected anything.

Hi Erin :) I use the wondfo opks and as of this morning it is still negative. Maybe it'll go positive tomorrow, or later tonight? I hope that getting a jump on BDing while I have EWCM will give me the same results!