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Come on, just once. All the cool kids are doing it...

I am getting ready for work and laughing at myself. Why?  Because I just became one of those women that take a pregnancy test, and hold the test in different lights because I THINK I see a line. lol.  If I showed this test to my husband, he would think I nutts, "I don't see anything" is what he would say.  I promised myself I would hold out until af arrived, but I got curious.  Is this how it starts?  First you promise yourself you wont test, then you're all, 'okay just ONE', and then there's maybe a line, so you'll probably do it again...?  I just read what I typed, and realize I sound like I just got myself a drug habit. *sigh* lol



Hey, how may days dpo are you? I think I'm about 11 and holding out to test! Have a very irregular cycle and only came of my bc pill 7 1/2 weeks ago. Having lots of symptoms but trying not to get my hopes up as I know my body may just be regulating after bc and only first month of ttc! 

Haha this sound just like me. Welcome to the crazy testing club. You'll find lots of support here. Good luck and babydust to you.

You're not the only one! This happens to me every cycle, not only holding it in different lights, but pulling it out of the bathroom trash later that day & next day! I have also opened more than one case to pull the strip out. I often feel like an addict from dpo10-af. LOL

I'm right there with you, but don't have will power to hold out on testing. I'm 11 dpo (8 months ttc) and as of yesterday started peeing on an Internet cheapie every time I visit the bathroom. Then I stare at the test under different lighting waiting for that beautiful line to appear. Nothing yet but it's not over til AF shows up.

RosieJ, I am 13 dpo and I normally am not a test addict, but I had brown discharge like at the begining and end of af yesterday without cramps. The other days my gums started to bleed when I was brushing my teet, whivh I sort of just dismissed. Other than the brown discharge, I feel pretty good! And yes, I did bust open that cassestt, and pick it out of the garbage a few times. I'm a bucket full of crazy ;)

Yep, last cycle I did that. Bought a pregnancy test when I knew it was too early to test (7DPO). Since it came in packs of 2, I figured I would only use one and wait until after AF was due to use the other. Used the other one two days later, then bought another 2-pack In total, tested 4 times until AF finally arrived on time. Testing is addictive I think. I'll try to be reasonable this cycle and try to only test after AF is due, if I need to... so no testing beforehand for me! *crosses fingers*.

Haha, hoping I won't turn into a test addict! Think my af is due any time after wed but have no idea of my cylcle lenth as my bc pill stopped my periods and was on it a year and 1/2 before it was about 32 days i think. last af was 31st july and think I roughly o'd cd14-16 Based on ewcm.  wanted to ask advice on when to test? Sorry for the life story haha! Also what symptoms is everyone having? 

Your post cracked me up --- it is so ME!! How you haven't tested yet shows you are not quite an addict ;) Gateway drug perhaps? lol I'd definitely test at this point. I'm 2 DPO I think and must be having a really strong surge. My breasts are killing me and I had some brown creamy discharge today.

I totally agree, after a mc in January I have become crazy over conception. My husband is constantly asking why I don't wait for af before testing, but every little possible symptom I'm like well maybe. I'm 9 dpo and took a test yesterday bc I am just not patient enough.... Baby dust to you all!

OMG, couldnt be more similar! Im in my first month of TTC and 14 DPO and have tested EVERYDAY since 7DPO resulting in those dissapointing BFNs. AF is due today, hoping that she just doesnt come by :-)   You're in good company! 

Well ladies, this morning caught my self thinking oh one test won't hurt right...bfn at 10-12dpo was so disappointed even though I know it's far to early :( got a feeling I'm out this month but you never know, it's not over until af shows or hopefully doesn't Lol! Also cervix feels higher and not as soft does this mean anything....???

Im the same. Started testing 7-9dpo. Im think im now 12 or 15 dpo. I totally feel pregnant, tired, hungry, thirsty, dreams, smells. Af was due yesterday morning but has not showed yet. I tell myself im not going to test again for another 3 days but i already tested 2 times today. I totally hold all test up in different light. Im glad im not alone.

I thinking giving up this month. Am  12-14dpo getting cramps and shooting pains down my bbs and nipples more sensitive, veins still popped out on bbs too, which is strange for me. convinced I'm out because bbs not sore at all, which is the main symptom really, af due in the next anytime in the next 7 days I think.. Not sure if its even worth testing :( 

I did the same thing tuesday morning. The only thing I did differently was I didnt tell DH and I buried the evidence in the garbage can...

Haha, you and me both! Tested again this morning and bfn its like it was laughing at me ARRGGHHHH! Haha giving up for this month! Read up on side effects of coming off bc pill and lots of ppl said they had pg symptoms and loads of cramps which sounds for to is everyone else doing?

what do you think ladies, not really sure how many days dpo I am.. I thought 13-15 but could be a bit earlier. Af due around 31st bot sure exactly when! Had lots of snotty yellowly cm (sorry tmi!) but just noticed the tiniest bit of browny red spotting in it, having lots of cramps manly mild with occasional painful ones that last 30secs or so they all in different places. recently off bc pill. Do you think it's start of af or..?

Theres a website called  Youre welcome ;) once I found that sight I didn't even act like I saw a line I took pics in various light and posted. Now THAT'S crazy... Hoping someone else sees a line when you don't.