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Creamy milky cm

Anyone else experience creamy milky cm before their bfp? I never have this kind of cm...ever. it started at about 3 dpo and its been daily since increasing in amount. 

I'm 10 dpo today and af isn't expected until next Sunday.

Of course I tested and bfn today. I experienced some mild cramping at 7 dpo in the morning so if that was implantation it wouldn't show up on a test until at least this Thurs right?  with my other two children I never noticed any implantation spotting or anything like that but that was 5 and 3 years ago.

Other symptoms: nauseous on and off for hours at a time. Bbs hurt on and off especially on the fronts. 



Its possible you could be pregnant. I remember having more creamy cm with my first...especially later on and throughout pregnancy. The best indication of pregnancy for me was a mild crampy feeling and sore boobs starting about a week before af was due. I got a positive a few days before missed period. Its probably a little too early for don't lose hope. Try again in a few days. Good Luck !

I have been having the same symptoms! Af is due Wednesday for me, but I haven't tested yet. I'm trying to wait until Wednesday! Praying for a bfp!

I'm due for AF late Wednesday. I'm having almost all symptoms of preg, all neg tests so far, fingers crossed

Hi i got my bfp on oct 11th i had creamy cm alot before bfp. Also had severe pain in one side. Hope you get bfp too xx

I have creamy cm everyday

I got my BFP on 10/9 (10 dpo) and I had creamy cm leading up to it. Actually I still have the creamy cm.