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My positive attitude and hopefulness towards this month hit a reality check.

10dpo bfn fmu


I got a negative test at 11 DPO, and a positive 13 DPO. Don't lose hope.

dont lose hope yet. Im still waiting on mine but Ive read many stories on here that they test every day negative and will get a positive until 14dpo you still have a chance good luck!

10dpo is still early, especially if you implant on the late side. that being said, if you are pregnant, your level of HCG might not even be enough for a FRER right now. it's prob best to bite the bullet and wait till 14 dpo or a missed period to re-test. when in doubt... head to the doc for a blood test :) they are the most accurate!

Hi there! I'm 10 DPO too and refuse to test til AF is late. Here's to hoping you just tested too early! Stay positive!

:( fingers crossed you're just too early! 

Good luck! 10 days is early. I did the math one day (I love math and was fixated during my tww) and figured out it can take up to 10 days for the egg to implant, then (if your HCG is doubling on the slower end of the spectrum, say, every 36 hous) it can take 8 additional days for your hormones to be high enough to catch on a 25ml/mll test strip. That means you wouldn't get a positive until about 18 dpo. By this time most of us are already due for AF and know something is up. Try to hold out for the tests (I know easier said than done!). It is easy to go a little me, I've been there. But with my DS, who is nine, I didn't get a BFP until I was about 5.5 weeks along.