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May the odds be ever in your favor

AF has officially ushered in the start of my fifth cycle ttc. Another 33 days of hope! The good news is I should O the day dh goes out of town for a few days, so we're going to dtd the days before and the morning of and hope for the best. That's assuming my ovaries don't decideto play a trick on me and hold out a few days. But here's to hoping I'll get my bfp in 2014!

How are your last efforts for 2013 going? Have your charts given you any new insight? We're currently working on being more proactive about bd timing and taking advantage of fertile days more. Every month is a learning tool and puts us one month closer to that bfp!

Happy BDing!


5mo ttc - 6mo off bcp - cd2 and AF has come with a vengeance


Hello! I am in a similar situation as you, being 5 cycles off BC and in my 3rd cycle TTC. I learn more with each cycle. I am currently in my TWW, and am noticing that O comes a little later that I previously thought, so, like you guys, we will be honing in on our BD timing! This is such an exciting time, and I appreciate your positivity. I think I might be out of the running this cycle, with BFN at 12 DPO and no symptoms. I'm just waiting for AF so we can jump start cycle 6! Best of luck to you!! FX that 2014 will bring baby dust to all!

Positivity is everything! Hang in there, and yes... learn along the way. I've decided that if AF shows up, I'll celebrate the new opportunity with a nice bottle of wine with hubby... Wishing you the best luck this cycle!!! Cheers...

have you tried any of the opks? we are ttc and i found that my o day was earlier than i thought it was. if your cycle likes to play games with you, it may be money well spent! good luck!

Thanks, ladies! Positivity all the way to a big effin positive, I hope! Lol.  Irish20, I haven't used opks yet. So far I'm able to pinpoint O based on cm and signs (I get unique and extreme O pain), we've just been a bit lazy about making sure to dtd a lot during that window. I actually suspect I didn't O until cycle 3 ttc, 4cycles off the pill, but since then my pattern has been very predictable. Talk to me in a few more months and I may have changed my mind, lol. 

I am in my first cycle ttc after a miscarriage and d&c late october. My tww is about to begin with O due to be somewhere in the next 12-48 hrs. last bd 10 hrs ago and loosely following shettles method so the waiting has just begun. will be approx 12 dpo on Christmas so going to test early and hope for a Christmas BFP.  I agree remaining positive is the key. Stressing just messes with our minds and our cycles :) gl everyone and baby dust to you all.

LadyH, I second you on the wine... lol. I love how so many are hoping for Christmas bfps! I really hope it happens for everyone. I'm hoping for productive BDing on xmas, lol! I'm so looking forward to all the quality time my husband that we have planned for that week. Who doesn't get excited when the plan is to dtd everyday?! I'm already planning to run out and buy more lingerie. Can't hurt right? ;) I totally understand that it's easy to fall victim to "I adore you but I'm tired" or the "let's just do this to make a baby" attitude, but making a conscious effort to deviate from that is pretty exciting! Even if I don't get my bfp, at least I'll have had some fun! Plus, sex is supposed to relieve stress. It's a win-win, right? :) Good luck everyone!