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The Flu

I'm at cd7 and AF is finally gone but I'm now waiting on the results of my flu test. I feel awful. I'm ready to be well and enjoy my husband darn it!

I'll check back in a few days when I have more exciting things to talk about. Bleh!

Happy TTC!


Good luck spazzle. hope you feel better soon. it's terrible having the flu when u ttc. hope this won't throu you off for another month. get lots of rest. 

Thank you, busy lizzy. I'm still feeling horrid but hopefully it's almost over. The worst part is that it completely dries up my cm (meds) so my charts will be useless for a few days. I pretty reliably O around cd19 so I should be well in time to bd. :) Actually, being sick has pulled me away from my charts a lot and it's been nice! I needed some distance. I think I may be much less spazzy this month. But we'll see.

Hey H! Welcome back. Like the new username, too, hehe.    Reading your comment above.  I stopped taking vitamin B which gave me loads of CM ffor some reason.. so this has been a pretty "dry" cycle for me, which also lead to pulling away from charting. Its a good thing to be pulled away sometimes! fingers crossed and if you take an expectorant your CM could come back (one that thins mucus so you can cough it up, not one that dries it out!)