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Why I Prefer DTD to BD

I should preface this by explaining that I'm a word person.

It crossed my mind the other day that BD and/or "baby dance" as an acronym/euphemism kind of weirds me out. First off, I don't like to dance. Also, even though I would like to become pregnant, I wouldn't say that's my primary reason for having sex. And what about all the sex I have when I'm clearly not fertile? It seems wrong to call that baby dancing, since it's clearly not intended to lead to a baby. BD also reminds me of BM, which my time working in childcare ensures that I never will associate with anything romantic.

I suppose as far as ttc abbreviations or euphemisms go, I prefer DTD: simple and without baby-specific terminology. I think I actually like that it reminds me of DTF, which is an acronym I hear said aloud in acronym form sometimes, and I have absolutely no desire to know what that means about me, lol.

I'm fully aware that this is trivial and none of it matters, but it crosses my mind every time I look at my charts.

I've been on chart hiatus thus far this cycle, and it's been really awesome. Mind you, this was brought on by the fact that I'm recovering from a week-long virus that resembled the flu and left me with no desire to do anything but sleep, but I still consider it a small victory. I can't even tell you what CD this is. I started to realize that no matter how many times I look at my chart, it isn't going to change anything. Staring at the app on my phone will not will fertile cm or perfectly timed O into existence. Anyway, long story short, I'm feeling better in a lot of ways. Maybe that horrid virus was a blessing in disguise!

Sorry, this was long and rambly. And I haven't even had a single glass of wine...

Baby dust!   


Wow, what an insightful assessment.

Loved this. 

I totally agree. "Baby dancing" creeps me out.

Haha, glad I'm not the only one! Now if I could just change it on my FF app... lol. Maybe change it to ST for sexy time. Hahaha.