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Deep breath - only six days left!

Do we all just come equipped with a crazy hormone that kicks in when we're ttc?  The logical part of me says be calm, it will happen, there's no hurry. Then it's like my ovaries hijack my emotions and say omg, the clock is ticking, you better start panicking now! My reason and my hormones are definitely at odds today. Deep breath in, woo sah. 

I keep telling myself I could be only six days away from the bfp I've waited six months for. If that's not exciting I don't know what is! :)

This has been a great year so far: DH got a new job with better financial stability, I'm up for a possible promotion / better job. My life is really good. I have my health and I'm the mommy to the sweetest dog in the world,  and one pee stick isn't going to take any of that away. Perspective is everything. 

I hope you're all doing fabulously today! How's the symptom spotting (or lack thereof) going? Still two more months to get a 2014 baby! 

Peace, love, & baby dust. 

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - 6dpo


I tell you what spazzle I am definitely feeling the crazy.  I keep reminding myself of the wonderful things in my life, but I am getting obsessed TTC. Everyone keeps saying don't think about it and it will happen, but with such short TTC windows I seriously doubt it. I am lucky to have a DD already but I don't understand why it's taking so long second time round. My body keeps tricking me with sore boobs and tiredness but then AF rears her ugly head. I fear people won't take me seriously as I have one child but the anguish and frustration is still there I don't want an only child. Fingers crossed we both make it for a 2014 baby! Even as I sit here I have sore boobs but that hasn't meant anything for the last 3 months I'm getting bored of it, it's like my body's testing me. Are you using OPK's? Lots of luck to you!!

I'm 8dpo, so I have another week before my doctors office wants me to take a HPT, but my progesterone levels at about 5dpo were only 2.1 so I've kind counted myself out for this month, but at the same time there is a small chance so here I go analyzing every symptom! I had crazy AF cramps from 3dpo up until about 6dpo and since then nothing really! Here's to bfp's to us all!!

Ilovebfps: I'm sorry! I can imagine that is frustrating. Any time anyone buts in with their opinions about your reproductive situation I feel it's never appropriate - whether you have no kids or plenty. I did use opk this cycle and it gave me a lot of reassurance. I totally recommend. Good luck to you!  Try to take some deep breaths. Everything is okay. :) Swalters: You never know!  Good luck to you. I'm hoping to wait until 12dpo to test.  We can do this! Don't let the anxiety win! :)