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May the odds be ever in your favor

I'm trying to justify when to test. On countdowntopregancy, the percentage of pregnant women who test positive are as follows:

10dpo.- 67%

11dpo - 78%

12dpo - 82%

13dpo - 86%

14dpo - 87%

The big jump between 10dpo and 11dpo definitely rules out testing tomorrow (10dpo) for me. Waiting until 13dpo seems silly because then I might as well have just tested on 14dpo. That leaves 11 and 12dpo as my preferred days, which will be Saturday and Sunday. We'll have house guests one of those days - don't really want to do it then, so I guess whichever morning we end up not having a guest I'll test! 

I'm also trying to decide whether to use dollar tree tests or to spring for the digital or one of the FRER. Anyone have any wisdom about which is best? I know to avoid blue dye tests, but otherwise I'm unsure which to use. I just want to feel like I'm getting a fairly accurate result. 

Getting nervous but excited! Anyone else testing this weekend? 


I got a positive in the afternoon of 11 DPO with both of my chemicals. I don't remember which test I used for the first but the second I used an Answer test from Walmart, a FRER digital, and an Internet cheapie and the Answer is the only test that gave me a positive that early.

I use dollar store test first and save the high dollar test until I see something on the cheapies. I have so far only had one evap on the walmart 88¢ tests. I only test when I'm late :-) Baby dust!

By 13dpo I had a glaring positive on both a digital and FRER. I think as long as you are waiting until after 10-12dpo, there is no harm with using a cheapie or dollar tree tests. If you get something that looks positive, you could always spend more on your confirmation test. Just know that cheaper ones are more likely to show an evap line (dollar tree in particular) so as long as you are critical about your interpretation and not just wishing for a line, I'd go for it. :)

I avoid confusion. I am stocked up on FRERs and CB digi with weeks estimator. Planning to start testing with the FRER. If I get a faint bfp on FRER I'll confirm it with the digital. I wish there was an option to buy TTC-friendly HPTs that would avoid the phrase "Not Pregnant", instead it could just have a minus symbol, something neutral like that. And if it's positive I would like it to start playing a happy tune and have little animated hearts and happy faces and a big CONGRATULATIONS! in the window. Too much to ask??

With my first pregnancy I tested positive a week before my expected AF with a FRER but the digital test did not read positive until 3 days later. I think the digital tests require more hormone.

Thank you all for your input. I'm still weighing my options. Hrm. :/ Lol, bringonthebean, that would awesome!!! As for negatives, I think I would prefer a magic eight ball type negative. "Try again later." "Not right now." Lol. 

This month, I'm stocked up on internet cheapies that I got in a pack with my OPKS. Starting with one of those on Thursday, at 12 DPO. I have a FRER as backup, but will only use as confirmation if I think I see a line. I love following your blog, by the way -- can't wait to check back here this weekend!

I love the magic 8 ball negative ideas and musical congratulations.... thats awesome lol!

Tested again this morning a 3am and as expected it was BFN with a FRER so going to hold off this Sunday to test again keep me posted ladies ;) Baby dust xx