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Expecting to spend vday with AF

Well, I'm down to a 13% chance for an Octobean, since I tested bfn this morning at 13dpo. I honestly can't believe I'm 13dpo already and that AF is right around the corner. It's funny how up until 10dpo the wait seems so slow but then all my testing days just fly right past. 

The good news is that this month has changed our whole ttc attitude. FertiliTea has made some great improvements in my fertility, I no longer fear opks, and DH is still enthusiastic and more involved by the day. He's open to taking FertilAid for men, so when AF arrives I'll order that too. I feel better about our chances than ever. It won't be much longer! 

I admit I got pretty bummed, and then down again when we had our taxes done (not great) and our accountant friend jokingly said that we basically need to have a kid. I definitely need to lighten up when people make innocent and even joking remarks like that, but it still can be a little frustrating. 

Anyway, I'm one month closer. I'm one month more prepared. I'm one month healthier (you should see my arms - no jiggle! I feel like john basedow.). Our savings account is one month richer. I've spent another month loving my husband and building our relationship. All good things. 

I also remind myself that I don't think I was ovulating my first two months off bcp, so really I can't act like this has been a true six months as far as our chances go. So there's that! 

I've seen a few bfps around here lately!  I can't express enough congratulations and excitement!  Now please let them be contagious ;) 

Wherever you are in your journey, have a great week, ladies. I'm sure I'll be drinking wine with AF before the week is out, but I'll be around for lucky 7.

Peace be with you. 

6mo ttc - 7mo off bcp - 13dpo 


You amaze me with your positivity! It makes me feel more hopeful. we're pretty much on the same cycle, maybe next month will be OUR month. GL! 11th cycle ttc-13dpo

Thank you for sharing! I love your positivity! I also try to remind myself that, although it has been 6 months straight of ttc, it is really more like 3 (I have lost one tube). What about fertilitea? What is it supposed to help with? I have pretty regular cycles and I think I ovulate regularly, so I never looked into these things much. I read it helps regulate your cycle. Have a great day!

I'm 10 dpo. Can't stand the wait any longer. Going to POAS when I go home for lunch... I know my odds are against me but I just gotta!!!

I will post a full evaluation of FertiliTea whenever I see if it affects AF in any way. My cycles were regular anyway, and it didn't change that, just shortened it by a few days (which was fine by me! Brought me from a 33 day to a 30 day). My hormones seem really balanced. I had the best fertile cm ever! I'm also hoping it might shorten AF a bit. Definitely worth it in my opinion. At least so far. :)

Hi spazzle. We have the same cycle again. I am with you, AF arrive Saturday. today 9dpo,cramps and breast tender, but that's nothing new as I always have them pre AF. I'm also putting all my energy in next cycle, excercise etc. DH and I will start with staminogro from tonight.prescribed by Gyn. also will use conceive plus lube. I am ready to take this head on!!! so glad to hear that you are also positive.!! good luck!!xx

pl keep ur hopes up Spazzle... AF isn't here yet and we're aware of so many cases of late BFPs...rt? lots of baby dust to u....

Thanks, Koel. No AF yet but I took another test this morning at 14dpo and still blazing white bfn. I assume AF will come tomorrow!  Getting ready for next month and a Novembean! Lol.  Unrelated, I got offered an unofficial promotion at work yesterday. Should become official today! Some good news is definitely better than none at all. Plus this job comes with an office! All I could think was how convenient that would be for a bf mom returning to work and pumping discreetly! ;) Silver Linings.  Good luck, ladies. Definitely on the lookout for even more bfps!

Hey that's wonderful news! Wishing u all the best! Sure sounds like a plan...the discrete pumping I mean...way to go! ;)

How many days do you have left to wait? 

7 dpo today, 7 more to go! Have just posted a blog... cd u go thro and give ur input? 

Congrats on the promotion and getting an office - definitely worth celebrating! So many good things in your blog, appreciating the month for all the big and little accomplishments, improvements, etc. Silver linings all the way. Hugs.

I decided not to test again unless I was really late. I'm pretty sure I'd have the same end result either way. But I did order me some fertilitea after reading your post and reading more positive reviews on it. I was already drinking green tea anyway so I thought, why not? Congrats on your promotion! Maybe that was meant to happen first and that's why you didn't get your BFP this month.

Thanks, guys! Maybe so. :) At least learning my new job will be a great distraction until it's time to get busy on cycle 7! Lol Thanksgibean! Would be tricky to plan for a holiday baby, but you won't hear me complain!