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BBT keeps rising- 7DPO

I'm charting for the first time this month and I'm 7DPO and my bbt continues to rise basically on a daily basis. I'm already more than 1 degree above the cover line. 

is this a good sign? I've also had sensitive nipples the past three it so days which is unusual for me

chart is attached. 


Your bbt will remain high until the day before or day of your period. If they remain high after your due for your period then most likely your prego. Fingers crossed :)

Oh and I meant to say, your chart is looking good!!

WOW!! That certainly is an encouraging chart!! To be honest the only things I find temping useful for is showing O and giving something to obsess over...both valid reasons for why I I've looked at heaps of bfp charts on Fertility Friend and you can see that temps are often all over the place but can also look like yours. Anything is possible in this game.