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Looking promising!

So I'm trying not to psych myself out like I do each cycle but it's so hard this time! I normally keep the symptoms I think I have to myself so DH doesn't get frustrated with how obsessed I can get. So this cycle when I started feeling like my bbs were feeling bigger and more full I didn't bother asking him. Then yesterday when getting ready for bed and changing he made a comment that thy looked bigger! This made me think it wasn't all in my head :)

im 10dpo today and still have pretty high temps compared to my cover line and creamy CM. My bbs have gotten fuller and my nipples have been sensitive for the past three days, not so uncomfortable but definitely noticeable. 

Another weird thing is that DH and I have started a workout together and I've done it every morning for five days in a row now and have been eating better and I'm up one pound! How could this be?!?

i feel like I have some promising signs pointing to a BFP and I can't wait to know! I haven't tested because I am so sick of BFNs so I will probably wait until about 15-16 DPO if my temps are still high!