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Mixed signals! HELP

So today I am 12 DPO. Had a bfn with FMU at 11 DPO but am still feeling somewhat hopeful. 

My temp dropped about .3 this morning which was disappointing but my bbs are still feeling/looking full, my cm has been very watery with a creamy color and even a little stretchy since about 5-8 DPO, and this morning I triwd to check my cervix and although I struggle with this, in the past as AF approaches it lowers and is easy to find And is quite dry down there in general. Today it appeared to be way high and extremely soft and wet. 

I don't want to take another test just to be disappointed. af is expected around Sunday or Monday. If it doesn't show and my temps stay higher, I'll test at the end if next week. 

But these mixed signals are killing me. What's your opinions?


That's what sucks. We all get mixed signals because pre-AF symptoms resemble prego symptoms. If AF istn due until Sunday, and your temp doesn't drop again tomorrow morning, you can test again. If you can hold out until Sunday though, do that. Good luck

Sara I'm in the same boat. 11dpo today, bfn at 10dpo, few symptoms though and no cm, cervix is all over the place (I don't believe in it as a sign but I HAVE to keep checking it). Had very distinct pain at 8dpo which i'm praying was implantation. Also going crazy. Want to poas daily but adverse to another bfn.

I'm now 13 DPO and temp didnt drop again. Cover line is about 97.3 and yesterday I was at 97.56 and today up again to 97.77.  tjinking this is a good sign!


I hope you are right. Baby dust!