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10 DPO - temps up again! (Chart included)

So today I am 10 DPO and I have been charting bbt for a few months now. At 8 DPO it started to dip which is normal if AF is expected to come. It would steadily decrease until AF arrived. This month it started going down and then this morning on 10 DPO it spiked back up. Is this a good sign??!!

im feeling positive but I want some input from you ladies. My chart is attached (I don't track much else besides bbt on this so don't look at the lack of info as a bad thing. I can't do it I become obsessive so I focus on temps lol)


Id say it looks good but me personally think you would need a few days elevated temps to say yea so far it looks promising but id say for sure if you was high again tomorrow and the next day you most likely could be preggo :D  Im in the same boat, I need a few more days of elevated temps then ill most likely be preggo. Kmfx for you fxfx

Sounds promising! Like Sagitauris said, a couple more days will show if it was just a fluke or here to stay! KMFX for you both!

I'm almost nervous now to wake up and take my temp tomorrow lol. I hope it stays high!!

Im like you I am praying the nx 4 days stay high

This morning it stayed high at 98.40. If it strays high all weekend I will test :)

O yeah! Sending babydust and kmfx. Praying a bfp. Xoxoxo

Today when I got home I tested and blaring BFP. Praying with everything I have that this sticks!!

See all that baby dust paid off hahahaha now im send globs of glue and congratulations hun! H&h 40wks. Lol please feel free to send as much dust and af repellent as you can hahaha

Thanks for all of that baby dust it def helped! Baby dust baby dust baby dust! Lol :)