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Can't stop testing - love seeing BFPs!!!

So last Friday I got my BFP at 11 DPO and could not believe my eyes. on Saturday and Sunday I took a total of four more tests of different brands to be sure, and all positive!! So we told our immediate family and I called my doctor who wants to see me at 8 weeks at the end of this month :)

im not really experiencing any symptoms so I keep worrying and not believing that I'm pregnant. I just bought another test (despite what DH told me lol) and tested at work. The line came up immediately as it did with my first ever BFP and got soooo dark. It is darker than the control line for sure. I'm taking this as a good sign :) is it normal for the test line to be so much darker??!!

when I was TTC for 8 months the BFP stories kept me going so I hope this helps someone!


That's so awesome! I will be doing the same thing once my day comes just to be like "take that HPT!" haha congrats! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

Keep the pictures coming. They never get old!!!! Congrats

Congrats and enjoy. It is a wonderful sight to see!

I love seeing lines beat the control!!! That's a healthy bean you have in there(: congratulations!!

I took another hpt test yesterday and just stared at it for's such a lovely feeling and makes me feel so happy...I got my bfp last Friday two! Xx

Congrats!!! Love how dark it is!!!

wooooo hoooo congrats super strong line maybe its a ign that there could be do extra dark extra baby ??XXX

Thanks for all the congrats. Baby dust to all of you who are trying. It will happen and never give up!

Congrats! Thanks for sharing.

congratulations!  Don't worry about not feeling anything yet, you will soon enough I'm sure.  Wishing you a healthy and happy 9 months!!  :D

The pack came with two so I did the other one today and it's even darker! This is amazing and I'm so excited. It's really true!!!! :)