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question for people who have been pg before

So today I am 9dpiui and I promised myself I would not symptom spot but some things you cannot help but lies my question. My right nipple only seems to have gotten larger and darker only my right. My left is as normal as ever. No the other day my left boob was also a little tingley and had some sharp pains. Did any of you ladies have one boob change faster than the other? Weird question I know.


I am officially 5 days late today (tested last on the 9th & got a BFN so I am waiting to test again when I am officially a week late) but the other day my right nipple kept bothering me in a stinging way every time something brushed across it so I looked at it closer and noticed that my nipple had openned up! and a tiny hard white substance came out of it. I looked for this in my left breast but it doesn't appear to be in the same condition. I looked this up and this can sometimes happen for women that aren't pregnant but seems like it could be a good sign and if I am, then my right breast has been more noticable and more painful the whole time.

Thanks! I hope you get your bfp ver soon

Yes my right one is always more sensitive than my left- mine were really sore when I got my bfp x

I have 2 kids, with the possibility of a 3rd, but too scared to test atm, but with both of them my left breast got bigger faster than my right and my left nipple got darker faster as well. It also just so happens to be the naturally bigger breast, dont know if the is revelant or not but I thought id throw that in there. Sticky dust sent to you.

Thanks anonymous! Gl for when you test. Lets hope we both get our bfps this month then there is no more driving ourselves crazy