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11dpiui and freakin out

So today is 11dpiui and at work I went to the bathroom when I wiped I thought I say maybe a little colour in a small amount of discharge. I went back to my desk and all I could think about was that toilet paper so I went again and this time it was pink when I wiped. I waited till lunch before going to the bathroom and nothing. Could this be implantation bleeding? I hate not knowing. My blood work is not scheduled till next Wednesday but af is due Sunday...i wish I could just go to bed and wake up when I know!


i've had 2 iuis and both times i did not get implantation bleeding but it would be in the right time frame if it's that, it's just my opinion, every woman is different as well as pregnancies, baby dust to you hopefullu. 

Could be IB bleding...FX !

thanks ladies