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please share your thoughts

This tww has been crazy. I am not going to include the reg symptoms just the stuff I am worried about.

I went in for my second iui which was a lot more painful than my first and resulted in a lot more cramping. The day off it was all in lower ab but next couple of days the cramps were more in my back. This lasted till about 4dpiui. No fever. At 7dpiui I had a migraine which was so bad I almost had dh take me to the hospital cause I thought it was a brain aneurysm or something. Next morning my neck was sore was really stiff and hurt when I moved. Is still sore but not nearly as bad. Now it is my lower back. I can hardly move. Dh had to come dry my legs after my bath last night cause I could not bend. Yesterday (11dpiui) I also had pink spotting.

has this ever happened to anyone after and iui or during the wait or before a bfp. I am worried that I am putting it down to the wait but something is going on. What are your thoughts ladies


Hi Hopefull: I have had 2 IUIs. I didn't have any of the symptoms you mentioned. Both of my IUIs ended in BFNs. FX for you!   -God bless us all.