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advil and wine

This week I have had a migraine and neck and back ache that actually hurt so bad I cried and all I could take was tyronol...well the uninvited guest showed her ugly face today so I am breaking out my Advil liquid gels and washing a couple down with a glass of wine. I am broken hearted. We are taking a month off iui where I am going for acupuncture treatments then we will try again. I wish we had the option to try on our own in between iui attempts but with a sperm count of 0 after the failed vesectomy reversal that is out of the question. Grrrr frustrated!


Oh sweetie im upset for you! I was hoping this IUI would be it for you! What was his count after the wash? my Re said the chances of success increase w each IUI... 30% after 4. I think taking a cycle off to relax is not a bad idea. Just pamper yourself today, you deserve it. many hugs 

I am so sorry.  ):  I'll be rooting for you whenever you try again!

Thanks ladies. I did break down last night when the spotting started up. I sobbed to dh. What happens if this never works? I will never be called mummy. He has a son so he is a daddy but I may never get that. We use a donor and with both iui the doctor has said he is so good it is almost like fresh. This time there were 16mil when we inseminated. You would think with that many 1 would find the mark. Well one cycle off to better prepare my body then we go again. Hey maybe by some crazy miracle the blockage in dh has fixed itself and I will get my bfp without out help

I know this sounds so trite but never lose hope. Anything worthwhile in this life rarely comes easily. Support one another always, you two sound like a good time.  We've been at this for a year, not sure if there is an end in sight, but I'm still hopeful.     hugs!

Sorry!! I meant TEAM not time! Stupid iphone

Oh wow... Hopefull, I had really hoped this IUI would work for you. I too was devastated after mine didn't take. But, I had an additional exam recently that alerted me of an unknown issue that I will have surgery to correct soon.  Have you had all of the tests done (HSG, Sonohysterogram, etc.)?  -God bless us all. 

Thanks Saks. We did do all that testing before we went ahead with the iuis. I have a pretty awesome husband. He is so supportive and when I am down he always picks me up. Well hopefully in about 50 days I will be posting my bfp. Thanks ladies for your support