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ttw and then some

So as posted on Saturday I had "af" start and on Sunday I had "af" end. Also on Saturday I went in to the fertility clinic as I was having weird back pains and was a little worried. They did 2 pap like swabs to check for infection and booked me an u/s for today.

at the start of my appointment on Saturday the Dr said now af has started you can take Advil for pain but after the exam she say make sure only Tylenol until after my blood work on Wednesday. Weird.

so today I go back and the tech does u/s of my lower abdomen then asks if it is ok for internal to get a better look. I tell her to do whatever see needs to to make sure all is well. Well she put that little wand in and moved to my left side and I almost jumped off the bed. Internal u/s don't hurt but this one was painful! Like almost crying painful. She told me she wanted to talk to the Dr before I got dress but came back and said he was ok with the images. When I met with him he said all he sees is the ruptured folical on that side and all else looks good. He told me to make sure I still do my blood work on Wednesday cause people can have bleeding in early I guess my wait is back on? Trying not to hold out much hope but I am reading into every little thing they said in both my appointments. Man I hate this


Maybe you just o'd late then? 

not possible my ovulation was tracked with blood work. And we can only get pg through iui so if I did then I am screwed

Keep us updated.. I know you don't want to be back waiting again, but it would be so cool to get a bfp!!!

Oh Steph that would be amazing but if it is a bfn it will suck to be disappointed to have hope back just to be disappointed again. I will let you know for sure

I understand the disappointment for sure.  Praying for you!!!

Wishing you the best!

Thanks ladies. I guess a two day wait beats a two week wait.