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Is it christmas stress??

how on earth did we go from such possitive vibes to attacking each other on here. Im choosing to stay positive but just wanted to mention to all my TTC ladies.. on so many occassions I have read things on here that I dont agree with and ladies being not so nice to each other. When I read things like this i choose to not post, I choose to not hurt feelings for no reason. sure ladies, be honest with each other if you dont see that second line, if you have already tried something and someone asks about it. but really if you cant be helpful or at least cheer someone up.... Dont reply... keep scrolling ladies, keep scrolling :)

I have my fx for all of you. may you all have a wonderful christmas!

****positive vibes and much love***



Maybe that what it is...I have never seen so much negativity. I respect all opinions whether I agree or not and I never take anything personal. We are all here on the same journey. Its takea one month for some and many years for others but we are all trying to achieve the same goal

I think that's the way to go. I don't post unless I have something encouraging or helpful to say. I don't even like to post and tell someone that I don't see a line. I only like to send out positive vibes. And maybe it's holiday stress floating around but this should be the season for cheer and good vibes. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and the best of luck with your TTC journey.

I just think with the amount of stress we put on ourselves while TTC and really, just the amount of everyday stress we all have, this should be a place we can come to escape that and encourage each other. thank you for the well wishes cnn0402. may 2015 bring you much happiness :)  

I think folks should count their blessings this time of year. I have been ttc for a year and still trudging but either this will work or it won't. The positive things in my life are too numerous to count though- happy and healthy:) god bless you all xxx and merry christmas :)

I know the comments section of one of my own posts was hijacked recently, but I guess I haven't been on here enough to realize it was part of a trend. Yikes. These phases come and go here. Hopefully this one is on its way out.  Merry Christmas!