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Clomid vs femera questions

Last cycle was my first medicated iui cycle and I was given Clomid with trigger. We are not trying this cycle or next with the holidays this cycle the clinic is closed during my vital days so we decided to take a breather regroup and I think we will try again in Feb. Yesterday my clinic called and told me that there is a shortage of Clomid in my area so they have to change my meds to femera. With ferema there is a consent form I have to sign before I can take it which I did not have with Clomis. I was just wondering if any of you ladies have taken both and if you noticed any difference or had mor success with one over the other?

Merry Christmas to all of you and here's hoping 2015 is the year that makes all our dream come true!


Good news hopeful. I a femera advocate. I know clomid has helped many but I responded horibbly to it as do many other woman. Many clinics in my region NC are switching to femera due to less sever side effects o. Cm and uterine lining and some research has shown its promising effects among woman suffering with PCOS. I would most definitely give it a try. Several women I know have had great success with femera. Several links below are rewnt studies showing some of the pros and con's. I must say, if you don't suffer PCOS there may not be much difference in the success rates but I'm well of 40 bmi and had pcos moderate many years so femera is my choice. Give it a try! If your Dr is confident in it its safe. 1) 2 3)

My Fert clinic didn't even offer clomid. They were against it and promoted Femara. They had said clomid had a higher chance of twinning and causing cysts. So if someone ended up with cysts they would have to sit a cycle out.

That's exactly what two of my clinics said. Clomid is obsolete to them now. The don't like the high cysts rate

I only did one Clomid cycle and it royally messed up my lining and gave me cysts! My AF hasn't been the same since.... I did switch to femara. I did an IUI with both drugs and had zero success with either. However i did not have femara side effects and wish I would have never have done Clomid. GL!

Thanks for the response ladies. Maybe its a good thing we are on a clomid shortage. Gl to all you ladies