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thats just my overall feeling... just blah.Not hungry not sick, just blah!

Im 8 dpo today and for the past 3 days ive been feeling... well gross i guess is the only way to explain it. I remember feeling like this with my other pregnancies but not until a week or two after my bfp. so who knows?! Iwas so looking forward to stuffing my face over the holidays but I barely ate anything. Im exhausted! Im not getting my hopes up for a bfp (who am i kidding, My hopes are up every cycle) Maybe its just christmas stress but wouldnt it be hilarious if I got my bfp after 2 years ttc and my doctor appointment to be prescribed clomid or other treatment in only 2 more days....... actually, it wouldnt be hillarious, thats usually how things happen for me lol

af is due on jan 2 so I guess I will just have to wait and see. And hey, if Im not preg Im still excited to see my doctor on monday and hopefully move on to my next step in this crazy ttc journey.

I hope everyone had an excellent christmas and congrats to those who got their christmas bfps!


That would be fantastic :) After reading Mad_P's blog today, I learned that she is a living proof that it's possible to get such a surprise. Hope the "blaaah" feeling is a sign of a bfp coming your way. GL!  

That's funny, cuz that's exactly the word I used to tell myself how I was feeling during the grand total of 4 days that I knew I was pregnant! Blah! And I also had the same problem, not wanting to eat at Christmas... I got some terrible bloating going on even before I started eating, and the Swedish buffet table is full of all kinds of stuff, including brussel sprouts, sausages and meatballs. Oomph, toot!!  :p It's hard not to get your hopes up with every cycle isn't it? Found myself slightly annoyed today that the men won't ever really understand the internal dialogue that us ttc women have basically on a constant basis... Hope the doctors visit gets you one step closer to your bfp, one way or another,

Good luck and keep us updated if blahhhh is the feeling I need to look forward to :)   Swiwi you are totally right, men don't understand. I've been struggling with my husband because he just doesn't get how I can't just "not" think about it.

I read madp's story as well. I would love if the same happened for me, you never know :) I talk to my husband about ttc maybe once a week.I think about ttc all fay everyday. lol I guess its a good thing that I dont say everything thats on my mind Im sure I would quickly drive him mad I hope this blah feeling is a good sign but if its nothing I will be ok with that and hopefully will get my bfp soon. I have a good feeling that its my turn soon :)