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positive vibes fading : /

So tomorrow is my long awaited doctor appointment. I have been looking forward to this for so long. my appointment has been changed 6 x this month but I have been assured that it wont be changed again. I adore my doctor. He delivered my little boy 4 years ago and revived him (born blue) sadly my little guy only lived for 3 days but I am so thankful my doctor gave me those beautiful days with my son. My doctor also sat with me in the recovery room after my ectopic 2 years ago as I explained to him while bawling my eyes out that the doctor who did the surgery told me he removed my tube and my other one looked like it was no good. My doctor said "Were gonna look ourselves and figure it all out" ( the other doctor was pushing ivf) my doctor sent me for the dye test and my remaining tube is in excellent condition. so now after trying on our own for 2 years and me realizing im not ovulating every month  I have an appointment to discuss my options (Im thinking maybe clomid??) So why after such a long wait, and me being so excited am i feeling down about this? I suddenly am a nervous wreck and Im really scared. Maybe Im scared of more bad news? maybe he will send me home and say "just keep trying"???   

Also I tested today at 10 dpo and it was bfn.Not that Im shocked but I guess I was holding onto the hope that maybe I could do it without help.

Trying so hard to not lose my positive attitude. please send me some positive vibes ladies : )



Sending you happy thoughts! Both for this cycle and your doctor's appointment.

thank you sooo much spazzle!! :)

It sounds like you have such a kind, warm-hearted doctor.  That's a great quality to have. I don't think he will send you home and say keep trying. If you have one good tube, but aren't ovulating regularly, my guess is they will try Clomid.   Have you thought about going to see a specialist? This will be our first cycle trying IUI with Clomid.  After 18 months, I bit the bullet and called the specialist.

hi steph. my doctor is the lead gyno, fertility dr at a main hospital where I live and is also a university teacher lol I got super lucky that he offered to take me as a patient :) Im hoping for clomid (well, I was hoping natural... but no such luck) Im unsure of if he will just give it to me or if I will have to go through months of tests. I think because its been 4 years of no luck Im just wanting a "quick fix" I guess. I just feel like I cant wait anymore. Im so excited but so scared about what may happen tomorrow. I guess only time will tell :) I really hope iui works for you!  how were you as far as clomid side effects? I've heard they can be nasty. its so nice to have people to talk to who can understand what all of this is like. I dont have many women in my life, Im surrounded by men lol so thank you ladies!

Your doc sounds amazing.  So sorry for your loss. Hope you are blessed with another..Good luck xxxxxx 

Thank you very much stillhopeful :) Im getting ready to go now. I dont usually wear much makeup but i've packed it on today lol Im so nervous!

I'm sorry bout your little angel that you lost but your luckynto have such a great Dr that didn't give up on him. I know it helped to have a little time with him. I'm hoping clomid work for you. But I tell women to be sure to be monitored on it. Just to check for unnecessary cycst forming and lining issues. I didn't unmonitored cycle 4 yes ago. I was not happy. I'm also a person that must know what's going on in there at all times. Luckily I think a good number of women don't have to be monitored but I usually will suggest it just in case

thanks mt2sea :) I updated in another post that Iwas given clomid but no mention of being monitored :/ I was so excited that I didnt even ask my doctor why I wasnt being monitored and now Im a little nervous. Im going to try one cycle on my own because af should be here within the next 48 hours and my doctor is now on holidays for a week. I dont want to wait lol I will ask about being monitored next cycle though. Im kind of confused as to why he didnt even suggest me being monitored. I only have one tube, it would be nice to know what side im ovulating on!

Oh gosh dont be nervous im sorry! Didnt mean to worry ya. But yes because with one healthy tube id be super curious too . But gurl im just nosy. I have to know everything thats going on in my body lol. Im just susceptible to cysts and had bad horrible ovary pain with clomid even though when I went in ti see what was wring it was one lonely little sac on my left ovary. Dr couldnt tell if it was from ovulation or not.  so from now in I know to be monitored. Clomid is so affordable a couple rounds au natural wont matter at all :-) but yeah dont wait for them either. Id be super excited!     Thw main thing  i willl be trying once I start my femera cycle:   To combat the thining uterus many drs and women on clomid and femera are now doing red raspberry tea. The woman in the link below has an amazing blof with wonderful info that you can do more research on if you like. She also doing clomid and trigger shots. Start drinking after AF is complete til ovulation is confirmed. She did 2- 3 cups a day.  Its said to tone the uterus and prepare it for implantation while also improving the lining. They say dont drink after ovulation may discourage proper implantation. So many natural solutions to try out there and they look so promising. hope this  helps    

Hey asmrld, I hardly had any side effects. I took my pills at night.  One thing I did notice is that I had a few hot flashes, but nothing too bad. I also had less EWCM, so I used preseed.  I'm currently on my second cycle of Clomid and about to ovulate.  I think my EWCM iS a bit better. Hopefully this will be my last cycle on it!

hey ladies sorry i didnt respond sooner my phone hasnt been letting me log in.thanks so much for all the words of wisdom I really appreciate advice from women who have taken it before. I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea for a few month. I hate it lol but i will try anything. stephttc have you heard of or tried mucinex?? Im wondering of its wondering if its worth trying.