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Great start to my new year :)

so after all the stress and nerves for the past 24h Im happy to report that I got clomid today :)

my doctor was super AMAZING as usual (seriously I LOVE this man!!!) we chatted for a bit and he agreed that it seems as though Im not ovulating 1 out of every 3 months so with that and only one fallopian tube he gave me 4 months of 50mgclomid  for cd 5-9. I then spent the afternoon searching for clomid at every pharmacy we drove by. turns out there is a shortage here and no one is expecting any more until APRIL!! I finally found a pharmacy that had 10 tablets left and i bought them all mwahahaha

so af is due in 2- 3 days (if i ovulated this month) and I can start taking them. The thing I find a little weird is whenever I read stories about other women on clomid they talk about monitored cycles. My dr didnt mention anything about that Im just supposed to call asap if Im pregnant or having bad side effects. How do I know if im ovulating on the right side???

Im so happy to be starting my new year with such great news! I hope 2015 brings us all a lot of happiness. 

I will be thinking of all you ladies tonight ( while babysitting my 5 week old niece) and counting downthe seconds until 2015 :)



My cycles have always been monitored but plenty of people's arent! I guess keep an eye on your bbts and cm! Fingers crossed it works for you and happy new year x 

thank you joeybunny. Happy new year!

I only have had monitored cycles and am very thankful I did. I responded quickly and ovulated by day 12 which was not good and I developed cysts and my lining thinned horribly. I was switched to letrazole the following cycle. It worked better and with zero side effects. GL to you and hope it works for you!

Hi. That's great news. Something new to try for a fresh new year! My cycles were monitored too. With Clomid there is a greater chance of cysts developing on your ovaries. It also thins your uterine lining the more cycles you take it. So my Dr would scan me at the beginning of each cycle just to make sure no cysts were developing and to measure the thickness of my lining.  Maybe just give your Dr a call and discuss it. GL

Thanks ladies. I may try one cycle on my own but if I think anything os wrong I will ask to do monitored next cycle.I've had a cyst before that twisted so I know what signs to watch for. It does make me a little nervous though.