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red raspberry leaf tea

so this is my first cycle of clomid. I took my first pill last night and so far no side effects (fx)  :)

I have been drinking red raspberry leaf tea for a few months and this morning while brewing some I had this odd feeling that I should google red raspberry tea and clomid. I was surprised to find that this is a big no,no as the tea boosts estrogen and clomids job is to block it, so the two should not be taken together. I read a few stories of women drinking it while taking clomid and the cycles they didnt drink it they ended up pregnant. I wanted to drink it to help my lining, so im glad i googled it first. I also read an article about how you should not take ANY herbal supplements while on clomid also no asprin.

Just thought I would share that info with you ladies.I had no idea  : /

Im hoping I didnt screw myself by drinking it yesterday!



I've been taken clomid for last 3 cycles and this month I started with the raspberry leaf tea, 1 cup aday. I asked my gp before hand and they said it wont do any harm. Clomid is meant to or sometimes can thin your lining so I was suggested this. I was going to stop taken after I ovulated.   So unsure what to do now :(

I know, I was so shocked when I read everything! maybe one cup a day wont do any harm because the recommended amount is 3 cups a day. I will be avoiding it while on clomid from now on. Its all so confusing!!

Did not know that!! I wonder if the drs and nurses know this because another user of clomid had a nurse actually suggest to use it. Even a couple of drs okd it.  Thank you for posting!!! Well looks like we will have to find another natural way to help uterine lining and tone.  Thus is so frustrating :'*

My RE suggested drinking it while taking femara. Hard to say what's accurate. Dr.Google can confuse things for sure.

I was doubting dr.Google at first but when I really started reading it, it made a lot of sense to me red raspberry leaf tea= boost in estrogen clomid=estrogen blocker. I have heard that some doctors say its fine but Ive also heard most doctors warn not to take herbal supplements with certain meds. I honestly dont think theres enough research but Im not drinking ut anymore. please dont stop drinking it if you believe its helping you or if your doctor said its ok. I only get 4 rounds of clomid so im just being VERY cautious : )    

Can you post a link to the website you found this info on? I have been googling this forever and can't find anything very conclusive.